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This 39-second YouTube scene from the movie The Jerk ( ) pretty much sums up how I see my results from Live Fit Trainer.  Since I couldn't just lift the video from YouTube (some jerk disabled the 'embed' and link functions) I'll recap it here:

(From the movie, The Jerk)
Navin R. Johnson (Steve Martin) voiceover: "I was so glad to be going home. I remembered the days when I sang and danced with my family on the porch of the old house. But, things change, and with all the additions to the family, we had to tear down the old house, even though we loved it."
"The Old House"
"But we built us a bigger one"

"The New House"

I can't tell you how many times in my life I've referenced the 'before' and 'after' house from The Jerk. Recapping my results from Live Fit is another one of those times. Don't get me wrong, I'm really happy that I did the Live Fit program, but I can't report that I had huge visible results. I will finish my re-cap below, but know this: if you haven't yet seen The Jerk (because, perhaps you weren't born yet?) your life is not yet complete!

Genuinely Excited to be in Phase 3!
When I left Phase 2 of the Live Fit series, I was crawling out of my skin and bursting out of my pants. After 10 days on Phase 2 (the 'bulking' stage), I opted out because while I did want to gain (a little) muscle, but I also wanted to lose fat. I was eager for a change in the right direction.

Two Phases in One
Really, Phase 3 is two phases: the brutal phase and the less brutal phase. For the first two weeks you might have to quit your job, give your kids away or get up at 4am to accomplish the workouts (or more likely, all of the above). Alternately, you could split your workout into two daily workouts: crazy! The sessions took me 1.5-2 hours, including the 30 minute sprint cardio at the end. But for the first time in what seemed like a millennium, I did start to lose some of the bulk I gained in the previous phases. Is it any wonder? My daily calorie burn went from ~100-300 in previous phases to over 600 most days.

Me, on the right: doing some landscaping at a lighthouse in Pensacola with a tourism volunteer group. At this time I was just finishing the brutal 1st half of Phase 3 (apologies on the double printing of this photo- you can complain to Blogger)

The good news is that the last and final two weeks of Phase 3 are a delight in comparison. The strength training takes 30-40 minutes. Then you do an additional 30-40 of cardio on most days. (I know, I know it still sounds like a lot, but it's far less than the first two weeks.)

Never a Dull moment
This phase keeps you on your toes, especially the first two weeks. I actually prefer this sort of workout. It's nearly impossible to get bored. You hardly rest between lifting sets because you are too busy jumping rope or doing mountain climbers. Also, you can forget checking your Instagram feed or watching Spongebob during your cardio session because sprints take all of your concentration. Again, the last two weeks are more mellow- you just do 3-4 sets of a circuit, followed by some cardio.

You win some, you lose some
Long-time readers may remember that I couldn't do pushups due to pain from several torn rotator-cuff tendons (so I posted a video on how to do 'negative' pushups). Well, guess what! My shoulder is nearly good as new (for a shoulder with a bunch of torn tendons). I can now do full man-style pushups without pain. I suppose that I strengthened up the surrounding muscles thanks to the variety of exercises offered on Live Fit. For this, I am grateful.

On the downside, a couple of my joints were aching intermittently from the intense plyometrics during the first part of Phase 3. (Jamie warns of this possibility). I do realize that am also not 25 any more. Incidentally, I adore these moves, and I'm quite willing to put up with a sore joint or two, as long as it's nothing more than a temporary inconvenience and not an injury.

The Hunger Games.
I can't make sense of when my body decides to be hungry (ravenous, even) or when it wants nothing to do with food and I practically have to force-feed my post-workout smoothie. You would think that all that crazy intense working out during the first 2 weeks would render me starving, but the opposite was true. So I think that the combination of the intense calories burned, with my relative lack-of-appetite was the combination that helped me shed some of the weight I gained in phase 2. Even during the last two weeks, my hunger wasn't out of control.

The inches will just melt off…or will they?
Well, that worked for other people like Janetha. I was really hoping for the same sort of results, but sadly for me that didn't quite happen. I did lose back the weight that I gained in the latter part of Phase 1 and Phase 2 and ended up exactly where I started, weight-wise. I did lean out a little bit on my upper half. And my bottom half is a bit more toned and slightly smaller. But I did not lose inches as I was hoping to do. Again, I did none of the carb-cycling nor diet-following. I’m certain that if I had done so, I would have seen more drastic results. But I'd rather stay at a size that is manageable for the rest of my life by eating like a quasi-normal person (indulgences included), rather than live a life of restriction in order to fit into a smaller size-probably one that is unrealistic for me.
Would I do it again?
Actually, yes I would! But I think I'd need to be very careful or lighten the bulking Phase 2. I'm not willing to gain the muscle in Phase 2 only to diet down in Phase 3 (which, done according to the plan, loses both fat and muscle- this is why you pre-build the muscle...because you will be losing some of it later). 
My husband's perspective
In Phase 1, Derek was freaking out that my arms were getting big and that I was going to 'take this too far.' By the end of Phase 3 he took it all back. He believes that my body did have a bigger transformation than I feel it did and that I'm more toned than before. I know that often we don't see ourselves as objectively as others do. So I thought I would throw his perspective out there for what it's worth. Remember, I was hoping to lose some size, as well as gain muscle. And from my perspective, I didn't lose much, if any size.

Hiking the weekend I began Live Fit (my "Before" photo)
Goofing off with friend/reader extraordinaire, Missy. I was nearly done with Live Fit (my "after" photo)
As you can see, my 'before' and 'after' photos are a bit like Navin R. Johnson's childhood house remodel: there is a slight improvement, but nothing earth-shattering. And while we're talking about the Jerk, now that I completed Live Fit, I feel like dancing and singing on a porch.

Q: Have you ever completed a set program: diet and/or exercise? Did you like it? Are you currently doing one and if so, how is it going? What is your favorite classic comedy?


Mattie @ Comfy and Confident said...

Great recap. I have been considering doing the Live Fit trainer, but I was worried about bulking up and I always get concerned with what I am going to do once I am done. Will you incorporate some of the plan into your daily fitness routine?

Claire @ Live and Love to Eat said...

I got through the end of week 2 (Phase 1) and ended up quitting - I love my cardio too much! The basic Phase 1 workouts are my go-to quick strength routines now though.

Janetha @ meals & moves said...

Love the recap! And that is great about the push ups. You are a stunnnnnnnnnnnnner. I love you!

HEAB said...

I'm so removed from intense workouts, just reading about phase 3 made me huff and puff. :)

Glad you're happy with the program overall and very happy to hear push-ups are back in your life. I miss my Chaturangas!

natasha said...

Ha, "The Jerk" and Steve Martin anything!

Never did a formal program unless you count my rigorous ballet training in a Russian method but that was in younger years.

So I commented on your previous post multiple times but it never went through so I'll try one of my observances here...I think there is an ecto, meso, endo- morph component to how each person the whole diet/supplement thing probably changes results. From Janetha's posts it sounded like she did parts of that.

You still look awesome (:

Maren said...

I am kind of feeling that way too, but slacked on week 9 so I did it again. Now I'm on week 10. Week 11 & 12, I'm going to follow the carb cycling...just to see if I get any better results. We shall see. Loved the recap! You're a hottie!!

Jenn said...

Look at you and Missy!!! What a great picture! I enjoyed reading about your experience with Live Fit. So happy to hear your shoulders are doing better. xoxo

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

Mattie- yes, I already am incorporating some of the workouts- The moves aren't anything new in the world of weight- training, but it's just good to be reminded of the variety!

Claire- I hear ya on the cardio. I was OK not sweating daily as before, but I did cheat and walk too. I just couldn't only do weights.

Janetha- <3

Smart Food and Fit said...

Wow, you look great! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I did a similar program last year just before the Livefit came out. I was strict with my eating and lost 25 pounds in 3 months but I had baby fat to loose so it was a great way to transform my body. I agree, I don't like the bulking phase, I tend to put on muscle fast and my legs are proof of that! You can see your shapely arms in the landscaping photo's! GREAT WORK!

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

Heab- you'll be back to your yoga in due time- right now you're growing a couple of humans :-)

Maren, Jenn, Smart food- thank you!

Natasha- yes, I totally agree about the 'morphs. I think I'm somewhere between a meso and an endo. So I do have to be careful. I'm also really sorry that Blogger is making it tough for you to comment. It's making it tough for me to post!!

Anonymous said...

Besides "Airplane" and a few others, "The Jerk" is one of those movies you MUST watch or your life is somehow not complete!
I love your recap and analogy but I have to side with Derek and say I see more results than you do. Plus the before shot is not a fair comparison since it's further away and you are all covered up! So, you are hot - accept it!!! (lol!)
Wonderful on the push ups - just make sure those other joint pains aren't serious (& I know you will!)
But again you look ridiculously trim and toned! And of course I love the pic - it still seems like a dream!
Oh and to answer, no I've never have done a program like this but I want to find a beginner weight one to do.

Graze With Me said...

I quote The Jerk all the time! Sounds like an interesting workout experience. Much too structured for a procrastinator like me but I loved reading your experiences.

"You mean I'm going to stay this color?!?"

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

Aww, thanks for saying that you side with Derek. I wish I could side with him too. I actually think that there is a bit of a delay too- you don't see results from weight training within a week or two. I feel better now than I did two weeks ago- then again I was in Japan for 10 days working out most days, walking everywhere and eating pretty healthy japanese food. Who knows. I'm just glad I did it. And I love that shot of us too- we had fun!

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

OMG you just made me burst out with laughter that scared all the cats into the other room! I need to see this movie again just for a good guffaw!

teabagginit said...

I'm carb-cycling right now and honestly, it's causing me to be LESS restrictive with my eating. i'm eating bread on the higher carb days (gasp!) and way, way more fats on the low-carb days (oil topping my salad, double-gasp!). i'm feeling good and i kind of like not having control over the diet - decreases the obsession!
on a side note, thank you for doing this honest review of live fit. sometimes the whole blog world jumps on a trend and it's helpful to see all sides to it.
(sorry for the novel) have a good weekend!!!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I loved your detailed recaps! I now definitely know I could not do this program...

I'm glad that your shoulder is better. Doing a wide variety of exercises to strengthen all those little muscles is one advantage of a well designed plan and the reason I am still looking for one.

You look great, and I know Derek is right when he says there are more changes in your body than you give yourself credit for... I also think the last two photos are impossible to compare... :)

Glad this was overall a good experience for you!

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