Phase 2 Live Fit: The Bulking Stage

So as I left Phase 1 I was not a very happy person. I had gained 4 pounds (I don't care if it's muscle or pants were tight and that's no bueno.) My theory on what went wrong: I suspect that I jumped into Phase 1 from the start lifting heavier than perhaps I should have been (closer to 85% of max, rather than the 65% suggested). So it might have been as though I was on a really long Phase 2 right from the start. I just didn't want to waste my time lifting weights that were too light for me.

Finally I get to burn some calories!
There were days in Phase 1 where a pretty grueling workout 'earned' me about 100-150 calories (not much). Even the upper body strength workouts in Phase 2 burned similar calories. While I don't log calories I consume any more, I do keep track of calories I burn through exercise on Daily Plate. Plus, I like to burn some decent calories when I take the time and energy to get to the gym. So Phase 2 granted me 30 minutes of "Moderate intensity" or "Fat-burning" cardio. Personally, I call it “mind-numbing.” It's the kind of cardio that allows you to check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or watch Spongebob Squarepants.

Spongebob in drag. It just doesn't get any better than this.
Spongebob with Milk&Cookies- that's pretty fabulous too.
I will admit, however, that I saw no appreciable 'fat burning' with this moderate cardio. I never really have noticed it in the past either. When I was maintaining my weight 20 lbs heavier than now, all I did was mind-numbing cardio. In other words, it did not burn away my fat (and of course I do realize that I was eating enough calories to maintain that weight).

I love working out, but not quite THAT often.
In the beginning of Phase 2, I was happy with the 4-5 day per week workout schedule, but very quickly it morphed into 6 days. This is a lot of training week in and week out, especially this intensely and for someone who took nearly no days off in Phase 1. (I average 5-6 days on my own).

Beware the bulk
I wasn’t trying to gain size with Live Fit. I was trying to lean out and gain some muscle definition. Probably because I refused to lower my calories, I just bulked up. And then bulked some more. This was pretty unnerving as I was busting my guts in the gym 6 days a week. My poor husband and Janetha never heard the end of my complaining. Finally Janetha suggested that I just jump ahead to Phase 3 if I was going nuts (and to keep me from driving her nuts, I suspect). I realized that she was right. I couldn't take another 20 days of bulking. So I abandoned ship on day 11.

Notes on being a Nerdy Note-taker
Until 3 months ago, the notion of keeping track of how much weight I lifted for each exercise I did seemed ridiculous. I should have realized that this sort of thing is right up my alley, being the rainman data-junkie that I am. I simply clicked on the day's workout in the website, clicked on the PDF document option and copied/pasted seven days into an email to myself and then printed that out. You could also just hit 'printable copy' and do it day-by-day.

Typical Phase 2 day
Upper body workout: 33 minutes for 104 calories burned: ugh.
Moderate cardio for 191 calories burned. At this point I was grateful to be able to burn any extra calories.
App Happy:
I did start to feel a bit self-conscious toting around a bunch of papers in the gym so I decided to explore some iphone apps. The two I liked best were Fitness Buddy (99 cents) and Gym buddy ($2.99). Truth be known, I did have some fun with them, but didn't make the time to really investigate all of their features so that I could input Live Fit's particular workouts. Having said that, I might go back to using an app when I finish Live Fit. In fact, the apps even offer suggested exercise-by-exercise routines, which is pretty cool.

Just a few gym/health data apps
Fitness Buddy is a great app for 99 cents!
Fitness Buddy has a database of thousands of exercises, and action photo demonstrations that are very useful.
Fitness Buddy also offers pre-loaded workouts. You just click on it and record your workout. It tells you what to do.
Gym Buddy is $2.99 and offers many features including a very annoying sound functions (you can turn them off in your settings)
Gym buddy's main menu
Gym Buddy has measurements/weight tracking (complete with graphs!) and an Interval Timer that can be helpful.
Gym Buddy also offers tons of exercises (and you can add in your own)
In addition to weights and reps, you can time your rest periods, planks etc.

There are many, many other apps. These were just the ones that I stumbled upon. 

Q: Do you keep track of data of any kind? Calories eaten, calories burned, macronutrients, miles ran or biked, etc?


Anonymous said...

Well you know me and my rainman brain - yes, I log calories on Fitday and I keep up with my steps with my pedometer or my Gowear (and of course calories burned! But I am not as psycho as I used to be about having to reach certain numbers as I used to be. I am aware but not to level of anxiety I used to be over it!! ;)

Can't wait til the LiveFit finale - reality blogs are so wonderful!!


Amanda said...

I am cracking up over here about Spongebob in drag. You are amazing, my friend.

I am like Rain Man on dailyplate these days. Every calorie burned counts! HIIT torches 'em for me so I can see it being a pain with a moderate amount of cardio.

I also track on Daily Mile for mileage walked. I'm really trying to hit 20-30 miles a week and it motivates me tons.

Jenn said...

I sorta log workouts. Only how much I lift and never how many calories. Remember my bodybugg? I gave that thing to my sister a long time ago. I haven't counted calories for about a year either. That said I'm about 10 pounds heavier. Tracking doesn't bother me in fact I think it's a good idea....I've just been suuuuuper lazy about that stuff. Truth be told I'm doing good to get in 3 20 min workouts a week. I really do need to step it up though .

Cotter Crunch said...

too much tracking and writing. I might have to hire my husband to be my lift weight writer. He can stand over me and take notes. I think i jumping to phase 3 is good ... for you at least. And for the sanity of your friends and family.

Julie said...

as always you never cease to amaze me. phase 3 was badass! i only got halfway through and then called it quits hahahaha go me

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I don't track anything, but I know it would be a good idea to track things once in a while to "check in" on myself... :) Thanks for mentioning the phone apps. I'll have to look into them...

Janetha @ meals & moves said...

I was curious how you would recap phase 2! Good job--Spongebob and apps--you never let me down. I hate the steady state cardio and think it is such a waste of time!

Mattie @ Comfy and Confident said...

That is interesting that you bulked up. I was worried that might happen if I tried to do the LiveFit trainer. Were you following the diet plan too? I wish Jamie would show the weights she uses for the exercises.

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

Mattie- no diet for me. I might have seen better results but wasn't willing to sell my soul.

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

Ps. Omg Jamie's weights would be insane!!

Maren said...

I am three days into phase 3 and already feel better! I didn't bulk up a lot, but I did feel bigger. I also haven't really lost any weight. I am lingering around the same weight that I have been for awhile. Guess we'll see what phase 3 does for me.

p.s. the only time I ever kept a log of my workouts was when I was marathon training. And I kept a food diary for about the first 6 weeks of live fit and then I stopped. said...

thank you for this recap! yes that has happened to me-buling leading to tight clothes and it made me very uncomfortable!

tam said...

I used to keep track but not anymore maybe i should! x

The Fit Flosser said...

Deb, I totally know how you feel when it comes to bulking up from muscle. It doesn't matter if it's muscle or fat, it makes me feel like a whale!

Are you feeling better now, after incorporating more cardio? Despite how you feel, I'm sure you still look like a bomb-shell! Enjoy the weekend. :)

Graze With Me said...

I used to track my calories using Lose it! but not much anymore. Luckily nursing burns MUCHO calories so I'm 5 pounds under my pre-preg weight and I'm seriously struggling to keep from losing more. Sadly all my muscle is gone since I have stopped lifting...I need some serious motivation!

Btw, are you going to the Blend Retreat?

Ameena said...

I used to be obsessed with but then I realized it was making me...obsessive!

I DO NOT let Maya watch Spongebob! I'm totally of the opinion that it's a cartoon for at least you can feel better about that. :)

Anonymous said...

hey! i lvoe ur blog but was wondering if u could help me out. today i went to the vitamin shopppe and was gunna buy jay robb whey protein to make preotein pancakes bc i dont drink smoothies but the man said if i heat it it will denaturize so he recomened optimum nutritions all whey which is meant for baking and will not become denautrized howeer its only in unflaovred so i was wondering if u knew any other protein powders that wont become denautred when heated that came in a flavor with no sugar and low carbs?

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

Hi Anon-wondering-about-whey,

Hmm. I haven't heard of this denaturing business of which you speak. I know that whey can make baked goods rather rubbery or brick-like, but I don't know about it being degraded. Also why would Jay Robbs denature but ON doesn't do that? Doesn't make sense to me.

I asked my buddy Janetha at meals and moves b/c she bakes with protein powder quite a bit and she uses veggie based (you can try for pea protein/hemp). She also recommended soy or egg-based protein powders. Also, if you have an unflavored powder, just add vanilla or strawberry extract (or any of the zillions of others that exist) and stevia or your sweetener of choice. Hope this helps!

Sam said...

Thanks so much! I think im gunna try carbthin zero carb soy protiein baking mix in vanilla! :) ill let uk how it is! I also wanted to let uk im in love with ur microwave protein cakes i make them every day and sometimes make it with pb2 but i want to get he protein Plus peanut flour i heard its great!i also ordered the sf pb torani tht is suppost to come today! Cant wait!

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