Photos from South America: the Food version

My husband, Derek says that he enjoys being married to me because he never knows when he'll wake up next to a different woman. While it might sound saucy, this comment actually refers to my life-long habit of constantly changing myself: my hobbies, my appearance, exercise du jour, preference in music or a whole host of other interests.

Not surprisingly, my blog follows my this fickle trend. It isn't truly a "Healthy Living Blog" or a day-to-day account of my life. Some days, my blog provides a smoothie recipe. Other days, a protein-spiked fudge muffin. I might have a post about a 16-year old cat or a young cheeky kitty or two. Topics might involve my family (the good and the sad), the many friends I've made or people I continue to meet. It can involve my struggles with trying to balance my simultaneous love of food and exercise and my life-long battle to keep those 90 pounds away forever without driving myself stark-raving mad in the process. I suppose you never really know who you'll get when you read my blog over your morning oatmeal.

Only the most astute of readers will notice that I failed to deliver my post last week. That is because I'm just catching up and re-entering home-life after being fortunate enough to be traveling for nearly a month. In the past, my blog has followed me on trips, but this is really not a travel blog either.  I don't see the point with boring you with my random vacation photos. Rather, I'd want to share some pictures from this trip that you might find interesting, heart-warming or at least amusing.  Here we go...

For Lovers of food and drink:

This is a specialty on Easter Island: a creamy seafood concoction served over fries

Found all over South America: CEVICHE!

There really is a treasure at the end of this rainbow

Another seafood-over-fries meal: think Seafood pasta but with fries instead of noodles
Another typical dish in south America: Huge Seafood Soup
Empanadas! Empanadas everywhere (Meat- or veg-filled pastries)

"Pisco Sours" ...common in Chile & Peru: Pisco is a liquor made from grapes. Then add lime juice, froth of egg white for the pretty foam on top, splash of bitters and simple syrup (or not, as they did for me). Then you can get fancy and add some other juice, such as mango or guava...very tasty!

Penguins are all the rage in Chilean Patagonia

These meringue/chocolate penguins were cute and tasty

Favorite Hobby: Grocery Store Aisle Perusing
Look! Yogurt refills! You reuse your plastic/glass container and buy big bags to refill- GENIUS! (thankfully, they aren't $898 US dollars)

He might not read Spanish, but...hmmm.

Spotted in Argentina. This burger is barftastic.
Fiber-filled "Twig" cereal exists everywhere- even in south America

This very official stamped document confirms not that I have permission to enter a restricted country, but rather than I bought strawberries

Mesmerized in the cookie aisle

Can you believe that this is in a McDonald's in Buenos Aires?
Vegans, look away, this is how they barbeque in Argetine (called Asado)

Lamb Asado, mmmm

Helado/gelatos...totally obligatory on vacation

Ice cream: Best meal of the day (yes, it subbed as lunch on several occasions)
I'll continue this series next time. Topics will include: ideas for exercising on vacation (in addition to my lunge & squat video), cute doggies & other animals and maybe nature/beauty.

Q: What is the best or most memorable food you've eaten on vacation? Is Ice cream 'a must' on vacation (even when it's freezing cold out?)


Michelle in N. Cal said...

Oh that seafood over fries looks so good! (and I would sub ice cream for a meal any ole day!!!) That McD's pic was very cool too .. and the Barfy burger ... and the line esp. for preggos ... and ... Great post Deb!

Cotter Crunch said...

derek looks like my husband in the cookie aisle over here in NZ. Except we did end up buying a lot of them. He used to be a fat kid you know. hehe.
And the lamb and wine, yep, my kind of gal.
Safe travels friend. Miss you!

Pure2raw twins said...

welcome back! so glad you guys had such a great time and looks like you got to enjoy many yummy dishes :)
we love to travel too!
and favorite thing for me (lori) was eating socca over in Nice, France for the first time and changed my life haha
and oh yes gelato in Italy was fantastic as well!

HEAB said...

Seafood over fries - that is brilliant. In fact, I think I'd opt for that over the ice-cream at the moment. Who am I?

the actor's diet said...

ha ha - it's COLD out tonight but i had to have pinkberry!!!

sophia said...

oh man those are HUGE empanadas! The ceviche looks crazy good.

The best vacation food I've ever that's not a fair question! Every region is so different and I haven't been to enough. I'm still waiting for the day a miraculous fat check falls on my lap and sends me off to Europe.

And when I was in HK and Singapore and Malaysia, I still had my McD ice cream cone. :-) They all tasted different. funny, that.

Susan said...

You're back! To blogging, that is.

Well I just love reading travel posts because I haven't traveled much myself. Seeing someone else explore a place with fun commentary makes me feel like I've been there (or at least really really want to go!).

I don't know about ice cream, but I'd imagine wine is a must when on vacation!

Natasha said...

These pics are so cruel (well, except maybe for the barf burger and that meat shot)since they are sooo far away and everything tastes better on vacation.

Best foods...baquette with apricot jam/orangina and crepe au chocolat in Paris. And the Jonagold apples in Vienna. Any of the seafood on Martha's Vineyard.

Oh and ice cream, ice cream, ice cream!

tam said...

I wish I could eat ice cream without a horrendous belly ache....oh how I miss it! Looking good lady x x x

Ameena said...

I totally peruse the cookie aisle in every country I visit. I LOVE bringing home cookies with me (and as gifts).

Can't wait to try an empanada one day...looks SO tasty.

And yes, you are looking good birthday girl!

Janetha @ meals + moves said...

nice boobs!

Julie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by the way you look freaking fantastically fabulous

Lisa said...

Looks like a fun vacation with lot's of yummy seafood. Omg, this post was too cute and made me laugh! You look beautiful in all the pics, so tiny too! Have fun and safe travels!
BTW, my hubby and kids are mesmorized by cookie ailse too! lol

Lara said...

Such fun/amusing/entertaining photos! I think I'll pass on the Barfy burgers and the seafood fries...but YES PLEASE on the gelato and ice cream for lunch :) I'm glad you had fun and that you are home safe!

Susan said...

I want to try the seafood over fries!! Anything is delicious on top of fries, in my humble opinion. One of my favourite things to do when I'm travelling is go to the stores and check out the local food. Of all the places I've gone, I liked the real Mexican food the best. We stayed mostly with families who rented out rooms to us and their cooking was amazing. Runner up of course are the waffles in Belgium ;)

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I LOVE exploring grocery stores in other countries, and it's been way too long since I've done that! And, yes, I think ice cream in every shape and form IS mandatory on vacation! :)

Charlotte said...

Sooo fun! I am so jealous of all your travels! And I'm also jealous of your cleav - had to be said;)

sara said...

oooooooh Pisco Sour is soo good. South American food = my comfort food.

damnthefreshman15 said...

Oooh! That looks like an AWESOME vacation. The lamb asado and empanadas look amazing!

The Indian food in London is amazing. In Spain, I went nuts over churros with melted chocolate. I don't like America's churros but in Spain they are softer and the melted chocolate is divine.

Ice cream is always amazing, come hell or freezing water.

tam said...

If you like surveys I tagged ya x x

The Fit Flosser said...

I love the randomness of your blog, it always makes for an interesting read.

By the way, you are radiant in your vacation photos! Hope you're having a blast!

Carrie said...

My fave treat on vacation is anything with sugar. On my last trip to Hawaii, I had shaved ice every single day, sometimes twice a day (shhhh!).

Amanda said...

I loved reading this post and seeing some of the food from your trip.

I like the seafood over fries concept. Naturally gluten-free! They want me to come travel.

The barfy burger. Yum?

Helado is always necessary. Especially while vacationing. It's a must for us.

Elina (Healthy and Sane) said...

Hehe, I love going to a grocery store abroad... you always find gems like those barftastic burgers ;)

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