My current favorite cracker: Wasa Rosemary Flatbread

Leave it to my awesome reader Missy to keep me on my toes here on the blog. She asked if I had ever tried Wasa's Rosemary Flatbread and I replied with "Doh...I've had photos uploaded for a post about them for a year!" Thanks for the reminder, Missy!

It says "New" on the package because this photo has sat in a Picasa album for a year.

Look, my beautiful mom hailed from Sweden, so really it should be in my genes to adore Wasa crackers. Truth be told, I find almost all of them extremely 'meh.'  The one exception is a magical hard cracker called Frukostkn√§cke (breakfast cracker) and is only available in Scandinavia. Bummer for me. 

These have some unknown-to-me tiny amazing white seed that makes my heart cry a little bit that I don't live in Sweden

For a fun interactive snapshot of a typical Swedish breakfast, click on this Wasa link. (Hint: You won't find any Fruity Pebbles!) They just seem to be missing the herring and the amazing "filmjölk" a life-changing, fabulous soured yogurty-milk that tastes like a love-child of buttermilk and Greek yogurt. Another reason to move to Sweden.

Speaking of Sweden...

Biscoff's 2nd cousin

And since I'm tooting Sweden's horn, I may as well point out that I've been eating Anna's Ginger Thins (known as pepparkakor in Sweden) from the time my first teeth appeared as a baby. For my taste buds, all-the-rage-Biscoff cookies are very similar, only they seem to be more expensive, and not quite as ginger-y as Anna's. I have found Anna's at numerous supermarkets, Cost Plus World Market and Amazon on the cheap.

Great. low calorie stats: there is even a tiny bit of protein and fiber in them!
OK, back to the star of the post: these rosemary 'flatbreads' are incredibly flavorful. Not to be discounted are the stats: 35 calories apiece. They are wafer thin, but quite large. A serving is 2 crackers.

Good paired with...

Love me a good, low-cal cheese 'product', don't you?

Another shockingly tasty faux cheese item- it really is bluecheesy in flavor!

Top with ham and (wilted?) arugula
 So there you have a really tasty, low cal snack or appetizer.

Q: Have you tried this Wasa cracker? Are there other great crackers I need to discover (aside from the incomparable Akmaks)? Any other good faux cheeses to share? Are you crazy about Biscoff cookies? Have you tried Anna's?


Carbzilla said...

I love rosemary so I'll keep an eye out. The LC blue cheese is SO good on chicken with buffalo sauce. Yummers! I'm back on the WW boat and stocked up on LC. Back on smoothies too! Here I come 2012!

Are Anna's what they have at IKEA! I've had many an emergency cookie in the checkout line there. Love those cookies - thin and snappy, just like me! Lol.

Susan said...

I love Wasa crackers!!! They are an excellent vehicle for peanut butter or tuna salad. I haven't seen the rosemary and that is one of my favourite flavours, so I need to track that down.

Michelle in N. Cal said...

My current fave cracker is the Rosemary Raisin Crisps from Trader Joe's paired with the laughing cow blue cheese - soooo good! Rosemary and blue must be a great flavor combo, huh? I gave Jenn a box of them when she visited. I'll have to look for the rosemary Wasas!

Ameena said...

I tried a whole bunch of Wasa crackers but I just couldn't get into them...have you had the Triscuit copycat crackers from Trader's? They are addicting!

Susan said...

I'm a Swede as well! I haven't tried Wasa, but lately I've been getting into hardtack/crispbread with a little bit of butter spread on top as a quick snack. I was pretty stoked to find the stuff in the ethnic food store.

And I credit my heritage to my intense coffee love as well : )

natasha said...

So many questions!

Love Wasa along with Ryvita, Finncrisp and my all time fave Kavli (:

Also a big fan of ginger thins...anything gingerbread or lemon is my pick over chocolate!

Oh...Laughing Cow makes me smile. I used to eat these all the time growing up. Faux cheez?'s the real deal (:

I have heard Ikea has some crispbread versions plus goodness knows what other Swedish foodstuff.

Oh and the Swedish Chef from the muppets is also a fave of mine.

Fun post as always...thanks!

Janetha @ meals + moves said...

Mmm.. I will have to try that kind. Never have! I love the flavored LCs but I always buy plain b/c it's at Costco and I am cheap. But I have been digging goat cheese lately instead. I love Anna's and buy a box whenever I visit IKEA. They are much more gingery than Biscoff--you're right. Yum. Love you!

Cotter Crunch said...

oh i miss those! i wanna wasa to be GF. can you request that? I used to eat them ALL the time with cottage cheese and chive. Dang it!

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

Tiff- Thin and snappy- love it!

Susan- hold off searching for them (doubt you'd have them in Canada?)- If there's room in your care package, I'll send you some.

Michelle- MMm rosemary and RAISIN! That sweet & salty/savory combo must be amazing! I'll check for it next time I'm at TJs

Ameena- Triscuit might be the only carb that I don't love. It's inexplicable I know!

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

Coffee&thepaper Susan: I knew I liked you for even more than your fabulous comments everywhere- you're a fellow Swede! :-) And YES on the coffee- the stronger, the better.

McIntosh- Yes, Ikea sells the HUGE wheels of knackebrod that are wonderful if slathered in butter. Just about every Swede has those in their house at all times, and they even make storage containers especially in that size for them. I'm missing my homeland :-)

Janetha- the flavored LCs are worth skipping the savings at costco imo.

Linds- Re. getting them to be Gluten free: I'll have a word with the King and see what I can do.

Lara said...

I do love Wasa crackers! My only problem with them is that I tend to dip them in hummus....lots and LOTS of hummus ;)

Paige @ Running Around Normal said...

Hooray for Sweden!! My grandma is from Sweden, and I'd love to go some day. Now I've got to get my hands on those ginger thins!

teabagginit said...

it's like ikea up in here, all you need are some lingonberries! i recently got some tj's cookie butter and, from what i hear, it tastes just like biscoff spread! if it does, then i love biscoff!

MelissaNibbles said...

I make a similar snack with those crackers and Laughing Cow! Too funny.

Thanks for the man advice on my blog. I think I just need patience. He will come along...

As far as Blogger, I don't know any other way to reply to comments, but I agree that the format is frustrating :(

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

Lara- I can think of worse things to douse your wasa in :-)

Paige oh yay another swede!

Teabag- yeah I've heard about what I've dubbed 'speculum' cookie spread. I guess I'm just more into anna's than the biscoff.

Melissa- Love your blog! If you can, I'd go to self-hosting or wordpress since you're just re-starting your blog. Do it before you get a bunch of subscribers. That's the only reason I'm still in the ghetto with Blogger- i don't want to lose my subscribers by switching!

Anonymous said...

I'm late to the party as usual! I just ate some last night, im addicted. The other Wasa's are ok, before these I liked the 7 grain crispy, but these flatbreads are the best. My packages still say "New" and that's why I asked you about them. I felt dumb when you said you'd had them a year earlier (and how'd I miss that post?).
Anyway, have you ever heated them? Oh my goodness! Microwave them - I do 25 seconds for 4 pieces. They taste even better to me. Last night I melted some 2% mozzarella cheese on them and a few slivers of deli turkey. That was really good. I'll have to try the laughing cow! I'd been using FF cream cheese and sprinkles of my last coveted bits of TJ's 21 seasoning.
I've used the original and sesame, but rosemary is by far the best. And I found some at Big Lots for a dollar! I bought every last one :)


Julie said...

waaaaaaaaaasssaaaaauuuup crackers hahahahahahaha omg i had to i'm so sorry i just had to hahahahahaa and now i'm laughing at myself hahahahahaha

damnthefreshman15 said...

I think I tried Wasa crackers once, but they were stale and old so I was pretty lukewarm toward them. Rosemary sounds good though@

Lauren @ Oatmeal after Spinning said...

I haven't tried that particular Wasa cracker, but I bought some rye ones that were pretty good (not GREAT though). I am a big fan of the AkMaks! I also really like Kashi's crackers.
My husband went to Sweden for work two years ago and brought home some pepper krackers (I know I butchered the spelling) and some kind of liquor that you are supposed to pour over raisins and heat up... Glogg or something? Have you heard of it? I might have the name totally wrong. :)

Julia said...

Hi Deb, love your post! I actually work with Wasa and wanted to thank you for recommending the Rosemary Flatbread. I also love Wasa with laughing cow cheese, peanut butter, nutella, fruits, veggies - pretty much anything! You and your readers might be interested in a coupon we have on the Wasa North America Facebook page for $.75 off your purchase:

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

Missy! Thank you for the heads up on Big Lots! I went and got a few! Also found some Kavli garlic and busted those open for a sampler: gOod!

Julie- I'm LoLing at you LoLing :-)

Mimi- these are really good and quite salty in a good way.

Lauren- yes Glogg is huge at Christmas and your pepper crackers MIGHT have been the pepparkakor I was talking about- if they were sweet, they are similar to biscoff.

Julia- thank you for letting us know about the coupon. Now can you PLEASE get the frukost knacke here for us in the USA? thanks! ;-)

tam said...

I haven't tried those crackers but ginger thins top my biscuit favorites!!!!!!! x x

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