How to get ready at the gym

If you missed part I: How to get ready FOR the gym, you can check it. Meanwhile, we’ll pick up where we left off…You were just stepping out the door to go to your car.
But wait! You need to make sure that your gym bag is stocked with everything you’ll need. 
Big Green Bag
I’m pretty low-maintenance, but I still need a lot of stuff to get ready. I like bags that have separate compartment like this:
But you can also use a soft sided duffle-style bag like my gym-going buddy, Janetha is holding, and have smaller bags to group things together.
Everyone is different but this is what I have in my bag at all times.
  • Deodorant
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hair gel
  • Brush
  • A Padlock (if your gym doesn’t have those number lock thingies)
  • Plastic Flip flops for wearing in the locker room and shower (You don’t want fungal infections!)
(I keep my flip flops in a plastic bag in my gym bag.)
  • Hair tools (optional): Flat iron, blow dryer, curling iron etc.
The Farrah machine
  • Spare tank top and skivvies (because one day you’ll forget to bring a pair. Don’t ask me how I know. Or better yet, do ask Allie, about when she came to visit and dropped her undies outside Gold’s gym somewhere in Venice.
For when you forget

When i lock up my stuff and head for the gym floor I take 3 things with me:
  1. Water
  2. Towel
  3. My Mini Gym bag which contains:
  • My ipod
  • My phone
  • An energy bar in case of energy 911
  • My lifting gloves (to protect my princess hands)
  • My ‘critical’ wallet containing my driver’s license, money etc. I watch it like a hawk and it’s safer with me than in the locker I’ve been told.
  • Random pieces of blank paper and a pen in case you need someone’s autograph (kidding)
  • Earplugs! I figure that I’ll be attending group exercise classes until I’m approximately 95 years old, so I need to protect my ears every bit that I can.
Mini Gym Bag 3 items to take to the floor
(But, why are these for women?)
You’ll remove the bag with your clean towel and exchange it for the dirty clothes you just soaked. You’ll also exchange the sweaty shoes for the flip flops. Sneakers go on top so they don’t get soaked in your sweat. Put on your flip flops first!
Please tell me that I don’t need to remind you not to sit your bare booty on the bench?
Dawn your towel…Look hot doing so:

(someone was cold- hee)

You’ll put your shampoo and conditioner into another bag (preferably the one housing your clean clothes) and go take your shower. Why? Sometimes, there is no shelf upon which to set your shampoo/conditioner and I get the creeps putting anything on the floor. You can hang the bag over the door or a handle if necessary.
(Make sure someone double-checks that you have everything you need)…
(…but ideally, leave your kitty/doggy at home)
(Note: I’ve tried toting ‘trial-sized’ shampoos/conditioners and find that my entire life revolved around refilling tiny bottles. I finally gave up and went for ‘normal’ sized bottles: much easier! Plus I figure if I’m going to do sumo squats holding 50 pound weights, I can definitely handle the extra 16oz bottles going in and out of the gym.)
Now, sip your smoothie so that you can replenish your glycogen stores…
Finishing up:
You have now showered, and changed, and primped and foofed. You are looking stunning and you are not starving because you gulped your shake or ate an apple. You will leave the locker room looking like a bag lady because you will have:
  • Your gym bag (with your mini gym bag inside)
  • Your (much lighter) cooler bag
  • Two or three bags of stinky, wet, dirty clothes and towels
It seems like a lot, but for you, it’s child’s play because you are strong as an ox. Now you can shop that sale they’re having at Gold’s, just like Janetha did:
Those pants are too small
After you Leave
  • When you get to your car, remove your sneakers from the plastic bag and let them air out. You’ll be very happy you did this.
  • When you get home later, your gym clothes/towels will still be wet, so you’ll need to hang them to dry before putting them in the hamper, or they will smell like dead fish. Again, you are not to ask me how I know this.
  • If you are doing laundry immediately, there is no need to hang your clothes out and no risk of your house smelling like a beach with Red Tide.
Q: Have you ever had a gym mishap like leaving wet gym clothes in the trunk of your car for two months (not that it happened to me), Do you have other suggestions? Will you ever dare shower at the gym again?


tam said...

Awwwww I hope we get to work out again! Looks like you have all things covered here! x x

janetha - meals and moves said...

hahahah i love that the man who wanted those huge pants was caught in the photo in the background! still laughing. this is SUCH a great, detailed post. i think you are the get-ready-at-the-gym guru and i really learned from you. seriously, it might seem like common sense to some, but there really is such a method to the madness. i am glad i had a first-hand lesson. i love you!

Heather said...

So entertaining...and I agree, the extra undies and tanks tops are essential! I would add in there, something along the lines of check leggings/gym towel for socks or underwear stuck to them by static....blarg!

Brittany @ Pretty Fit, Pretty Healthy, Pretty Happy said...

I love this post! (When I was gainfully employed) I used to work out at the gym every morning, packing my big duffel with everything I needed to shower, do my hair, and get ready for work. I didn't mind it at all! The showers at LA Fitness really aren't bad at all.

I'm sending this to my room mate, who just started working out before work. She was asking me for advice on what to bring!

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

Tam- :-) One day for sure.

Janetha- EEK! I forgot I autopublished this and was shocked to see it already had comments- I added in a few more things are was about to get set on 'touching up' your towel photo- wink wink- but that might have taken all day. There's a new cute photo of ellie though if you want to check it out :-)

Heather- haha- good point on the clinking static issue

Brittany- Oh yay! So happy if your roomie gets something out of this!

Ameena said...

The trial-sized bottles last for two seconds and cost almost the same price as the regular sized bottles! I am very much over those...except for traveling.

Paige @ Running Around Normal said...

Love this, Deb!! I may start getting ready at the gym more often. Even though I workout in the morning, I always always drive home and get ready at home before heading off to work. I'd save so much time this way (plus probably get ready a lot quicker, too!)
And I love that "Janetha" is a label in this post ;)

Julie said...

hahahahahahaha omg i can't BELIEVE that janetha let you put that picture of her up hahahahahahahahaha i'm dying for her

Lara said...

Teehee...I use those same earplugs and have been wondering the same thing.
I know it's not the center of this post, but I have so loved seeing the photos from your trip with JBean. So fun!

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

Ameena- yes the trial sized ones are fabulous for traveling and that's about it.

Paige- I figure that I save about an hour this way, even when my gym is 5 minutes from the house. Inevitably, it's more than the 10 minutes' commute time- then I have to go online, then I have to clean up something, then I have to snuggle with a kitty or three. Time wasted.

Julie- I changed the photo finally- Thank goodness jbean was cool with the old 'perkier' version of the photo (hahaha)

Lara- What would we do without earplugs? B/w sleeping and the gym- I practically live in them. Thanks for the comment on our photos- we did have a ton of fun.

Amanda said...

You just reminded me that I need lifting gloves. I have calluses already! And they hurt!

I miss going to an actual gym and not just the hole in the wall in our complex. I would seriously love more options weights-wise.

Flip-flops are so necessary. I stepped in someone else's hair in the drain once. UGH.

Pure2raw twins said...

love it, few years I did not have a gym bag I just went to the gym did my thing and left, but a few years ago when I went to the gym, I started to bring a bag mostly because I did the sauna and needed to shower right after! haha
and oh yes the sandals/flip flops are key!

Pure2raw Twins

STUFT mama said...

This post cracks me UP! Too funny. Love your kitty in a couple of the pics. I'm ALWAYS forgetting something when I go to the gym. ha! Loved your yoga mat video over at Lindsay's blog today too! I never knew....

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

Amanda- mine are simple cycling gloves. The "weightlifting gloves" have a bit more coverage but mine work fine and I was too cheap to invest in something only slightly better :-)

Pure2Raw- yeah, the sauna requires a shower right away, even if you get out drenched.

StuftMama- Thank you!

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