Special Post! Announcement: Dehydrator up for grabs!

Hi All,

I don't usually post twice in a week (gasp!) but I totally forgot to mention this super sweet prize in my last post!  A brand new Dehydrator (capital letter needed).  It's something I ordered for phat cash ($129) from Amazon and never even peeked's brand spankin' new and just aching to make banana chips!  

I'll post more details about this hot piece of machinery on Wednesday! 

Chic Industrial Raw Foodie Kitchen worthy (cat not included)
Tell your friends.  If you'd like, you can spread the word via Facebook/Twitter by copying and pasting this: "Brand New Fancy Dehydrator available for Susan's Cancer fund #TGFA! Spread the word! Details at "

It's for a good cause! I will even pay shipping within the US and Canada!

Q:   Have you ever used a dehydrator? What are some favorite 'recipes'?


Junghwa said...


junghwa-chung [at] hotmail [dot] com

Pure2raw Twins said...

dehydrators are the greatest! We love ours and use it all the time. that is a great gift for the auction!

Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga said...

I loved my dehyd for the first month or so and then...well...I use the oven much more these days b/c it's FASTER and I am always in a rush! But if you have the time to plan things out, they can be great! It is SO awesome of you to donate this, Deb. WOW!!! Amazing!

Chocolate coconut kale chips

Or cheezy kale chips

Oh and raw vegan Girl Scout Samoas

All are raw, vegan, GF :)

Sorry to link drop, just delete this comment if it's not cool! Seriously! :)

Julie said...

i wnat thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis but i'm 99% sure that deej would KILL me if i brought another kitchen appliance into our house haha. i still might be a badass and bid on it. i mean it's for a great cause so what's she gonna say. i'll just promise her some beef jerky or something hahaha

Jenn said...

That's awesome!!! I use my dehydrator ALL. THE. TIME. I don't have any recipes b/c I use it to dry the abundance of fruit I get from my CSA or make sweet potato chips.

Eden said...

I have much to say to you about all this....and I'll do so in person ;)
Its so generous of you to donate everything you and Derek have. I wish I had more stuff cause no one will buy any of my goods.

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

Averie- thank you for the recipes- they'll come in handy for whoever gets this.

Eden-It was such an easy decision to make- it sat in a closet for over a year and this was the perfect solution- You are very generous and I know that you would have given all that fat cash to Susan from the recipe contest had you have won, even though you certainly could use the dough yourself or for your Dad. Make your yummy toffee- it'll sell!

teabagginit said...

you're so nice!!! my mom had a dehydrator when i was a kid but the only thing she made was a truly horrific batch of beef jerky and dried fruit. truly. horrific.! :)
if i wasn't broke as a joke right now, i'd be bidding up a storm!

janetha bean said...

Oh yeah! The dehydrator! Put it on the damn spreadsheet, Deb! <3

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