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I think that it's a crime that Instagram is not available to all cell phone carriers (right now I believe it's just for iPhones).  It is not even available on PCs or laptops. (*Edited to add: now there is the ability to view/comment on Instagram via Webstagram, click here to check it out). It is such a fun and creative way to communicate. It's like Twitter and Facebook had sex and the resulting love-child was Instagram, with more 'show' and less 'tell'.  With Instagram, you post a photo and an optional caption.  That is it!  Did I mention that it is free and comes with many cool filters? The labels I use are from LabelBox, which is also free.

Once you post the photo, others can "love it" and they can leave a comment.  Sometimes the comments are the most fun.  You can also choose to link it up to Twitter, Facebook & Flickr. Not gonna lie. I'm a huge fan.

Instagrammers tend to share photos of one or more of the following: coffee, food, cocktails, kombucha, cats, dogs, babies/children, nature, other people or photos of themselves either via a mirror or with the self-portrait technique of holding your arm out. Often there is a photo of a person with coffee or a cocktail, or a with a dog or cat, but not usually with food. The food almost always gets its own glory.

Here are a few Instagrams I've sent over the past few months as @LASmoothieGirl. 

Venice, CA

Mini Me
"Ace"...The baby brother?

Santa Monica, CA

Cute, but they belch like frat boys.

Let the fun begin.

Ace Hotel: King's Highway (Palm Springs, CA) A-Mazing Grub.

Lobby of the incomparable Ace Hotel

Someone is extra needy today. Does she know that she might get a little brother?

Best Cracker on Earth


Road Trip

From the garden of @eden_eats

Needed to multitask today #TGFA
Framed at doc's office

As a followup to The Great Fundraising Act, YOU raised $26,000 US for Susan to help her fight cancer!
Thank you all! Only some of the behind the scenes helpers were: Danica, Eden, Morgan, Holly, Momma B and of course the amazing brains (and beauty) behind the whole endeavor, Janetha.

Here is some news coverage of the event:

Q:  Do you Instagram? If you want others to check out your posts, you can leave your @name. What sorts of photos do you/would you post? What other types of photos have you seen posted?


Heather @ Get Healthy with Heather said...

Instagram is so much fun! That is too bad it's not available on all phones. I'm at gethealthywithheather. Gunna check ya out :)

Carrie said...

I LOVE instagram! Its the only way that I take pictures now!

teabagginit said...

those pics are so awesome & i get a nostalgia high everytime i see palm springs on your blog! :)

Amanda said...

This makes me want to get an iphone. Solely for instagram! I wish it was on other phones.

Jenn@Girl Heroes said...

No I don't Instagram but I keep thinking about it. I'm a pretty devoted FBer and that already eats away at too much of my time. I do love looking at people's instagram photos when they post them on FB. I already feel like too much of a social media junkie but it looks so fun! I love the photo from Venice.

Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga said...

I am sooooo addicted to IG and it's only been like 3 weeks since Ive really been on it but I love it!

It's like Twitter, but better. And the beauty is that the photos are already edited and so I can just plunk them into a blog post later on without feeling the need to edit them. SUCH a time saver.

Labelbox?!!! Totally new to me and I think this is going to be FUN to play with!! THANKS for the link!!

sophia said...

Oh I love love love Instagram!! Even the crappiest, randomest picture come out looking nice. Some people overdo it though. And some people's pictures are CRAZY good and I don't believe, refuse to believe that it's from an iPhone.

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

Jenn- I could see you getting really into it. I hear you on the social media overload and quite frankly, that's why I love it. There are days- no- WEEKS when I will go awol on FB and Twitter but Instagram I'll do and enjoy. There is a tradeoff and I hate feeling overwhelmed by social media. THat's why I just go awol.

Sophia- yeah, I've wondered that too- I wonder if they take a nice photo, email it to themselves, open it on their iphone and then use the instagram filter? Especially the super close-up photos.

Ameena said...

I am very new to instagram, as in, I know nothing about it other than what I just read. :) I love that you educate me.

So Ak-Mak are the best crackers? Really? That is a pretty strong statement my friend. Now I will have to try them and report back...

Anonymous said...

Gurl, you know I am all over Instagram! I love looking at the pics from all over. I loved seeing these of yours again - a trip down memory lane (yeah, its only been a few weeks!) I love seeing the animal pics and nature ones. I just post random crap and feel really stupid after I post it. I havent posted alot lately but mainly because where I work is obviously interfering with my 3G! (they won't let us wi-fi)
But for anyone who wants to I am Missle (as in Missile but no "i" - only 6 letters can go on a car tag so I ditched the "i" a long time ago!) So for random crap like sock monkey halloween outfits and that I "squee" over to pics of my weenie dog, come join my giant list of 7 followers! (tee hee!)

PS - Another round of applause for the TGFA! You all did stellar jobs - you deserve standing ovations!!

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

i don't have an iPhone. But I just might sell my bike to get one now. I've renamed my phone from crackberry to crapberry. Enought said.
And cheers to TGFA! You ladies are freakin amazing!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I love seeing all the Instagram photos, but sadly I don't have an iPhone...

Allie Tries to Cook said...

I've never heard of Instagram but it's got that groovy 1960's kodak vibe to your photos!

$26K?! Holy Crap! Participation is amazing! Way to go!

janetha @ meals & moves said...

yay i love instagram! did another post with my photos today, i am getting way too lazy to haul out my canon. woops!

sometimes i will pull a photo i have taken off my blog or elsewhere on the web and post it to IG because the filters are fun. guilty as charged!

i am so, so, so grateful for your help. you were my right hand woman thru the whole auction process, THANK YOU.

love you to the moon!

Pure2raw Twins said...

We love our Instagram! We are late to the wonderful app, just joined recently buy love it! We just love taking pictures so the app is just perfect for us haha And Janetha and everyone involved with the auction did such a great job! We are so proud of our fellow blog friends!!!

Eden said...

You need to post some instagram rules! Its getting abused!

Seriously, if I wanted to see pictures of food, I have food gawker!

PS, I'm so thrilled I only follow like 13 people people! Derek and you being on of them.

Sarah said...

I wish I had Instagram. Your pictures look amazing! My silly Droid doesn't have Instagram but hopefully we can get it soon!!

Jessie Ann said...

I love love love instagram! use it altleast 5 times daily!

Julie said...

i'm pretty sure that instagram is the best thing the iphone has to offer. it kind of completes my life. i never want to be without it? is that sad? probably but i'm cool with it hahaha

missymiller said...

If you don't have an iphone.....then you don't exist.

Yours truly,
Vicariously living through you.
PS- Peek-a-boo and bitch slapped are suitable for framing ...get ye to a Walgreens!

Paige @ Running Around Normal said...

Love Instagram - and love all the kitty pics!

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