Photos from the cutting room floor! Blogger Charity Calendar behind-the-scenes!

Thank you so much to those readers who purchased the Marty's Blogger Babes calendar.  Your money is going to support cancer research and I can't tell you how appreciative I am of your orders.

I have seen some of the other girls' blog posts that include some of the out-take photos:  those that didn't make the calendar.  Everyone seemed to enjoy seeing them so much that I decided to compile a 'cutting room floor' post for those girls who submitted multiple photos.  Many of them are untouched, so you can see how much work Carolyn did to add in the fun back-drops to final images!  Here they are...enjoy!

    • Miss October 2011:  Michelle from A Shade of Grey

    *courtesy of La Photographie Nashville...

    • Me:

    (My photographer Calendar Girl/Girl Hero Jenn!)
    Notice how I called them "Miss?"  I must be an old-fashioned non-women's lib bra-burner because I just love it when people call me "a girl" or "Miss."  Call me "Ma'am" and you've risked getting a huge smoothie accidentally spilled all over your clothes.  All wait-staff and shop keepers in the greater Los Angeles area:  consider yourself warned!

    You can see how much effort the babes made in taking and submitting their photos.  They also told me that they had a blast taking them.  I can assure you that my Dad had a lot of fun in making his choices.  Nothing like a pretty girl to make you forget your woes for the moment, right?

    Did you forget which photos actually made it into the calendar?  You can see the final calendar  here.  Remember that you can still order calendars and support cancer research by emailing me directly at LASmoothieGirl (at) gmail (dot) com.

    Here are a couple of nice comments from calendar recipients:

    Andrea of Andrea's Wellness Notes says: 
    "Thank you for sending the calendar so quickly. It's absolutely beautiful, and I love having some of my favorite bloggers hanging on my wall! :-) I'm very glad that you and your dad were able to work on this project together as a distraction during a very difficult time; it makes the calendar so very special. Thank you also for raising money for such an important cause!"

    Sean of The Triathlete Blues says to the male readers: 
    "Guys, this is the one calendar filled to the brim with beautiful ladies that you can put on your wall without your girlfriend or wife getting angry!"

    (Hee, I love that!)

    Q:  Have you ever taken professional photos and if so, for what reason? (Sears with Santa doesn't count!) Does it bother you when people call you Miss, Ma'am, or does it offend you to be called a 'girl' rather than a 'woman?'


        Janetha G @ meals & moves said...

        ah, you've done a great job with this post! i loved seeing everybody's behind the scenes shots. and i love you, deb! to the moon!

        ajoyinclass said...

        Love this post. And I love the photog pic of Jenn! You go...GIRL.

        Eden said...

        I loved the behind the scenes! So nice seeing the different angels (not to mention, your kitty). I used to model so actually have a portfolio. But I dont do it anymore, I started eating ;)
        We called teachers by their first names when I was in elementary school, so ma'am or miss or ms or whatever always sounds weird to me.

        Lindsay and James Cotter said...

        that is some major talent! I loved loved loved the calendar. So creative! uh, does glamour shots when you are 10 yrs old count as professional photography?? hehe.

        Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

        What a group of hotties! Seriously, everyone looked so beautiful in their photos, and I'm totally jealous of Charlotte's forward fold pose. My goal has always been to get my nose down to the ground. So.not.there.

        Susan, I'm so you actually own that leotard? Hehe, hilarious!

        Abby said...

        I'm so jealous of the other ladies pics, as they all look so fabulous! You can tell my shot relied heavily on the editing...

        Next time I am incorporating animals for the "cute" effect. Animals, avocados and asparagus--a trifecta!

        Susan said...

        LOVE this! Your dad must have had a hard time choosing, there are so many beautiful shots!!

        And Heather - black leggings with a blue bathing suit over top ;)

        Charlotte said...

        Everyone is SO GORGEOUS!! I don't know how you ever picked any Deb! I love the ones of Allie in the kitchen with the rollers (how much do I covet her apron?) I don't think Jenn knows how to take a bad picture!

        And thanks Heather- my bendiness is my one-and-only natural athletic talent.

        Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

        Loved seeing the out-takes!!! So many gorgeous and fun photos!

        Morgan @ Life After Bagels said...

        ah please tell me there are still MORE photos to show, I can't get enough ;)

        Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

        Eden- how annoying that something pesky like eating would get in the way of your budding career!

        LC- I would love to see those photos! I sense a Flashback Friday post coming on at Cotter's Crunch!

        Heabs- yes I have bend-envy too!

        Abby- the only ONLY issue with your photos was the low REZ! Love the trifecta!

        Susan- I hope your mom knows that her bathing suit is now world famous :-)

        Charlotte- I did the first 'cut' of photos (so as not to overwhelm my Dad) but he made the final choices! Go Dad!

        Andrea- thank you so much for your kindness and support. You are really a gem and I hope to meet you when I'm next in SF (it won't be too long now, I'll email you! :-) )

        Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

        Morgan: Allie. Lara, Janetha, Justine and I have a ton more. But there isn't enough time in the day nor bandwidth on the internet to post them all -)

        Tracey @ I'm Not Superhuman said...

        I loved these! Those shots are great. I can tell you guys had so much fun.

        p.s. I think Lara needs to be a model? And I want her hair.

        Allie (Protein Girl) said...

        Oh my! It looks like we had a riot. And we did.

        Everyone run out and buy a calendar. You an always cut up the pictures and turn them into coasters so your protein shake doesn't leak all over your desk. Right?

        Mucho amor,


        Anonymous said...

        Oy, I really, really hate being called Maam! I'm 29, way too young for that!

        Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

        Allie! Thank you for pimping- you are the world's best pimp. Love the coaster idea. That'll be my next project ;-)

        Anon- Couldn't agree with you more. NO one under the age of 104 should be called Ma'am! (and especially no one under 30)

        looksgoodinpolkadots said...

        What a hoot!

        I also love being called "Miss"... heck, since I'm twice divorced, it sure beats most anything else I could be referred to as! ;-)

        Love love love the photos... everyone looks amazing, personalities are shining through!

        the actor's diet said...

        so cool to see the behind the scenes pix. and i can't wait to see YOU in person soon!!

        justine said...

        Love it Deb! Sorry I haven't been around :(.


        Jenn said...

        So fun seeing all the pictures!!!! I don't know how your dad ever picked!

        We have to say "Ma'am" and "Sir" all the time in taekwondo and every now and again it slips out in everyday life. If I ever call you ma'am know it was a total accident! :-D

        Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

        Polka dots- Thanks Missy :-)

        Lynn- can't wait either- it's in the calendar!

        Justine- No need to apologize- hugs.

        Jenn- Really!?!?! In Taekwondo?? How odd? Shouldn't it be in Korean or Chinese or something? Egads, I'd HATE that! And know that if you call me ma'am and you end up with a smoothie shower, THAT too was an accident ;-) Kidding.

        Erika @ Health and Happiness in LA said...

        Cute pictures!

        I had professional pictures done when I got my headshots taken. It's kind of fun but eventually you run out of things to do and faces to make.

        I don't mind being called miss or girl. But I'm 21 and don't quite feel like a full adult yet!

        Anonymous said...

        So I've been reading your blog since the summer and the more I read the more I like! Not only did you introduce me to the wonderful world of smoothies (especially gums!) but also to blogging mania.

        As I lurk through some of your and the other blogs I am starting to get inspired. The calendar may have put me over the edge. Y'all must have had so much fun and I think it's fabulous how much you support each other and even get together.

        Hmmmmm....I might just start my own blog if only I can come up with a "theme". My life is pretty humdrum it seems these days.

        As for photo shoots...done a ton due to my former professional ballet career (!!!!!). I "retired" around age 30. Now eight years later, my life is completely different.

        As for being called ma'am....threw me off the first time along with not being carded anymore. Around here you get a lot of 'hon' but that is standard for everyone. Not sure how I feel about either one but somehow "Miss" bothers me more....go figure. 'Girl' or 'woman' doesn't really affect me either way.

        Anyhooo...this is too long winded but I LOVE reading your blog and just wanted to say thanks for making things real and validating some of my loopiness (:

        Kristina said...

        Love this! Love the cute pics, and I love the fruity oaty egg white concoctions! youre a girl for my heart. oh and by the way, i am also a frankenfood eater, ESPECIALLY zero cal maple syrup its totally yum so don't worry about it ;)

        Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

        Dear Erika - fun- would love to see your head shots on your blog :-)

        Anon/former ballerina- 'hon' sounds cute! We don't get that much in So Cal but it's endearing in my opinion. Re. blogging- if you have a passion of any kind, you can start a blog.

        Kristina-oh holy maply deliciousness I love Joseph's low cal maple syrup- soooo thick and amazing.

        Amy at TheSceneFromMe said...

        What a great idea! I love the calendar and have enjoyed going to everyone's blogs and finding new great reads! Thanks for sharing and making this :)

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