Protein Soda Pancakes: The perfect snack

Sometimes I get hungry after dinner, but before bedtime.  I simply cannot... will not... go to bed hungry.  Been there.  Done that.  No more.  

I love all of the microwaved Protein Cakes that have become staples in many of our lives.  I love mine toasted.  However, yesterday I just felt like having a pancake.  Make that three.  I felt like having three pancakes.  These were basically Protein Cakes in a Pan.  It felt very indulgent, and yet it was a healthy protein bomb.  I was worried that they would be tough or chewy.  They were not.  Granted they weren't as fluffy as 'real' pancakes made with flour and therefore a bunch of carbs, but they were a good facsimile.

Here was the lineup: 

See Ellie on the right, spying the passing dog?


Thanks to the Daily Plate for calculating the stats for me:

Holy Amino Acid Panel, Batman! Look at all that protein! And for less than 80 calories total!

I think that the soda water is the star ingredient- it made the pancakes light and fluffy.  These are thin, so they tend to form bubbles as they cook.  Love that.  Reminds me of the Swedish Pancakes my Mom used to cook for us when we were kids.

Here are some snaps.  Forgive the dual lighting:  the pancakes were made and consumed last night (I had no idea that they would be any good.)  The ingredients were photographed today, when I just had to share with my peeps.

These are each about the size of an iPhone

If you want to add some fat, why not slather your favorite nut butter on top, or incorporate it into the batter? Or you could make a sauce out of the peanut flour that is now making appearances in Trader Joe's everywhere.  Just add water, or milk or brandy.  Just kidding on the brandy.  I think.  

I have been truly, madly, deeply in love with peanut flour for years... since waaaay back in the old pioneer days when the only kind that existed was PB2.  I know I'm not the only one.  Here's a post from a few months back about peanut flour.  My dear friend Allie from Pimp my Protein Shake kept my supplies stocked until I ran out this week, ironically when she was visiting me.  TJs to the rescue.

As a topping, I used Joseph's Pancake syrup which is very delicious, but it's made with maltitol.  Maltitol is a lower-calorie sugar-alcohol that does not agree with everyone's tummies.  It contains 35 calories per 1/4 cup and is by far the thickest 'fake' pancake syrup I have found to date.

Joseph's Pancake Syrup- consume with caution if your tummy is sensitive to maltitol
Q:  Do you tend to snack after dinner?  What are some of your favorite go-to snacks?  What is your favorite Protein Cake flavor?  Have these pancakes already made the rounds and I'm just blissfully unaware of it?


april said...

I've been making psyllium husk pancakes for dessert.. love them!

My mom makes protein cakes but cooks them up like an omlette- turns into a huge pancake!

homecookedem said...

Awesome stats on those pancakes! I definitely have a snack before bedtime most nights. I can't sleep if I'm hungry either.

Julie said...

hahahaha okay so i totally just used those same ingreeds for a protein cake and i'm eating it as i read this and i'm REALLY mad that i didn't read this BEFORE i made it because i would have been doing it up big time pancake style.

i'm a seltzer-aholic and a peanut flour-aholic. so the combo in a pancake form seems like a bed time snack come true

cookies & milk are SO 1990s. protein pancakes are so in.

Charlotte said...

I tend to sleep better if I go to bed with a mostly empty stomach. Not like growly and starving but just not having recently eaten. Of course I say that having just polished off a chocolate chip milkshake and now I'm going to bed, lol!

Janetha said...

sure wish i had seen this post before that brownie and vanilla bean ice cream i ate before bed last night. and that creamie i ate before bed wednesday night. and that cup of whole milk and 2 newmanO's before bed tuesday night. and that vanilla bean ice cream and grilled peach before bed monday night. okay, i take that back, the grilled peach and ice cream was phenomenal.

what i am getting at is.. now that i live with mister dessert AKA marshall, i haven't been able to not have a treat before bed! but i totally forgot about protein cakes. no really, i TOTALLY forgot about them. how does that happen? i used to eat them ever night. i think i am losing it.

anyway, thanks for the reminder. loved the shot with ellie in there, albeit blurry, still made me smile.

been thinking a lot about you lately and keep telling myself i need to email you a note but, of course, i tell myself that when i am driving, or in the shower, or in a meeting. i think i may have to execute that email today! between visiting with allie and blending a shake for breakfast every morning this week, i've got deb on the brain.

hope you have a great weekend, are you jet setting somewhere? i can't keep track of your trips!

love you to the moon xoxo

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

April! The queen of the Protein cake- I'm honored that you are here! Funny about your mom- protein cakes/pancakes are in your DNA :-)

Julie- I finally broke down and bought a seltzer making machine for home- cheaper in the long run than buying it at the market.

Janetha- I'm touched that you think of me in the shower ;-)

Christine Norton said...

I guess I am the big lame-o...I have not heard of protien cakes. I just drink my protien in my bfast and lunch smoothies.

No snacking before dinner but that is because my commute takes me forever and a day and I end up eating dinner later than I should. *sigh*

I meant to comment on your earlier posts about your new kitty, Ellie. She is beautiful and I hope Samantha has adjusted to the newest member of the family. Every time I've introduced a cat to the family (we have 4), the resident cats get all traumatized and we go through like a year of everyone readjusting their status. My cats must be finicky! :-)


Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

Christine- hello! Impressive that you don't use your car as a dining room like I do. I seem to take pleasure in eating on the road, which is no bueno.

ACK! A whole year for Samantha to adjust?! She's already 15! We don't have that kinda time! Is there a fast-track course for the kitten-acceptance academy? Thanks for asking about Sam. She's actually OK. Not great but good. And she's getting a few good swipes in at Ellie, the (adorable) Tormentor!

And you haven't tried Protein Cakes? They are super fun to play around with. I have yet to perfect mine, but they are a great snack. They are best split or cut up and TOASTED by the way (in my opinion)!

lynn @ the actors diet said...

i've yet to try protein pancakes. i love the idea of having protein cake toasted! i ALWAYS snack after dinner...up til right before bed!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I tried to make protein pancakes a while back. But since I can't (won't) follow a recipe, they didn't turn out so great. I think I'll follow your recipe when I make them again... :) They sound like a great after dinner "treat."

I try not to eat after dinner since I have a very hard time controlling myself once I start... But only making a few pancakes may be the solution. I'm sure I wouldn't make more once I've eaten them. Right...???!!!?

brittac said...

Totally excited to eat em!

Anonymous said...

hey! i absolutley love ur sight and ive sereiously tried to make theese protein pancakes 6 times this week and i keep getting a rubber tire that tastes like egg....HELP! any suggestions!?

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

Anon- sorry it's not been working out for you. I don't know what to advise as mine always came out great.

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