Tiramisu for Breakfast (Nom nom nom *giggles*)

“Life’s short…Eat dessert first”.  Isn’t that how the old saying goes?  Well, to be on the safe side, I recommend that you just roll out of bed and eat dessert disguised as breakfast asap.  With all the rockin’ & rollin’ in So Cal as of late, I’m cartainly not taking any chances.  Also, given my recent history involving (micro-mini) tsunamis and near-misses with Mexican drug cartels (perhaps a slight exaggeration), I am definitely embracing “Life’s short…eat Dessert first”.  So what was on the menu today?  One of my favorite desserts…Tiramisu! Nom nom nom  *giggles*. ;-)
This might go under the official blogging category of “GO MAKE THIS NOW”.  It was more ice cream than smoothie.  Call it what you want.  I called it breakfast and it was ridiculously yummy:
Tiramisu Protein Ice Cream…the breakfast of champions
  • 3/4 cup of yesterday’s coffee (I can’t bear wasting perfectly good java!)
  • 1 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder (I used MRM low carb as it was on sale and yummy)
  • 1 tsp RUM extract (****SECRET INGREDIENT!!)
  • Handful of ice
  • Few ounces of water if needed to thin
  • Sprinkle of stevia or other sweetener
  • Sprinkle xanthan & guar gums (Less of the xanthan- see previous posts about these gums)
  • Cocoa powder for dusting
Tiramisu bowl shown once again:  Nom nom nom *giggles*
Why *giggles*? Girl Hero Jenn had a funny post where she mentioned what I am dubbing “The ‘Nom nom’ Phenomenon” where we foodies use the term to describe something we think is delicious.  After some discussion, Jenn & I agreed that it sounds like someone- perhaps even the Cookie Monster- is rabidly devouring so much food that it spills out the sides of his (or her??) mouth.  I will never be able to hear ‘nom nom’ again without giggling.  Love it!
Newsflash to bloggers!  There are people in the world who don’t know what ‘nom nom’ means!  Yes, it’s TRUE!  Perfect example:  my wonderful, normal, non-blogger cousin who visited me last week had no idea what I meant when I wrote ‘nom nom’. HI KATA!
I worked hard teaching Kata the meaning of ‘Nom Nom’…
The two of us Nom-noming (now used as a verb) with a picnic overlooking the Coachella Valley Desert floor- fantabulous.
Pimped Sweet Potato Pancakes
Kata- a Nom-nom-er-In-Training
Question:  Do you Nom-nom?  Does the term make you giggle or gross you out?  Do you eat dessert first?  What is your favorite dessert for brekkie?


Tracey @ I'm Not Superhuman said...

I had no idea where nom, nom, nom came from until about three months ago. I always guessed it means “Mmm…good!” but finally learned it’s the sound Cookie Monster makes. I feel so much more hip now. I also agree that dessert breakfasts are the best. That’s why I’ve been adding dark chocolate chips to my oats every morning. You only live once!

Rhoda said...

That recipe -- definitely a Big Nom Nom.

Nice shots of you and Kata

Jessica @ How Sweet said...

That looks like the best thing ever! I wonder if I could sub almond milk for the coffee and use instant coffee powder for the flavor? I don't drink coffee, but I have the powder for baking. ;)

Thinspired said...

Rum you think I could make a minor substitution to that and take out the word "extract?" Hehe ;)

Nom nom...don't know how I would describe it to someone! I don't really use the word because I'm quite obsessed with just the word YUM, which seems to cover all my bases, and everyone knows what it means ;)

Diana said...

I totally nom nom and it makes me giggle :D
That recipe sounds awesome!

Janetha said...

DEB! how did you know momma b's fave dessert was tiramisu!? i am going to make this one for her ASAP! she will love it, and so will i. marshall's fave dessert is also tiramisu but he loathes protein powders so i could prob make this with vanilla ice cream in the powder's place for him. and i LOVE saying nom nom nom. my old roomies and i say it to eachother all the time, and when i say it to my new roomies they look at me like i am a crazy woman. which i am, so that is ok. and i think you need to make up a carrot cake smoothie. have you already? let me know.
love you!

tam said...

That indeed looks like the perfect pudding breakfast! x x

Mama Pea said...

I have everything to make that but rum extract! Whoo hoo! What if you made April's protein cakes and soaked them in your tiramisu protein ice cream?! Talk about nom nom nom!

homecookedem said...

Nom, nom, that looks delicious!! I haven't ever used "nom nom" before, but I love it when bloggers say it, so cute! ;) And I have a non food blogger friend on facebook who says it a lot and I think it's so adorable! ;) Makes me think of homer simpson though for some strange reason?!?!

Charlotte said...

I nom-nom my baby:) Best nomming ever!

Question: WHERE do you get that huge container of Special Dark Hershey's powder?? All I can find in the huge-o size is the regular:(

Susan said...

Confession - often, I'll eat a piece of chocolate first thing in the morning before I eat anything else. So yes, I do eat dessert first!

I'm a nomnom-er. Definitely derived from the cookie monster. I also picture that's the noise cows would make when they chew - "nomnomnomnom"

Allie (Protein Girl) said...

I saw the title "Tiramisu for Breakfast" and almost dislocated my finger clicking through as fast I could from Google Reader.

Ah...I'm going to have this for dessert (decaf version and possibly with rum instead of extract). And then maybe for breakfast too.

legalstyle said...

THANK YOU for bringing up this incredibly important topic. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT NOM NOM means. OK? Ok. I said it.

I would really like to know the derivation of this word. 12 yrs of latin and i'm in the same place I was 2 seconds ago.

What. Does. It. Mean.

Frankly, the cookie monster explanation is unsatisfying.

whataboutsummer said...

love your idea about dessert first! (the only way I can remember how to spell dessert vs. desert is that it's so good you want s'more S in it! haha sorry to be so cheesy)

closet365 said...

I didn't even know that about the term "nom" but it totally pops into my brain automatically whenever I see awesome food pictures or while I'm eating my own food. Love it.

And of course I'm not mad about the pimp comment. It made me laugh, and like I said in the comment response - so true.

Jenn said...

Giggle giggle giggle...actually I'm LMAO!!!!!!

I will have to make the tiramisu for Brent b/c that is one of his FAVORITE desserts of all time!!!! Definitely makes him go nom nom nom.

That picnic looks perfect. Seriously. If I look closely I think I see some freak down below pretending to be all hardcore in camo pants swinging a kettlebell.

I'm so glad you had a good time with your cousin!

*Naomi* said...

YUMMM i love the addition to coffee in these! now thast a way to use up all your leftovers! great idea!!

I need to get the 'gums' I know it makes protein shakes and smoothies so thick!

RUM EXTRACT?!?! yum!

Abby said...

I giggled reading your post, but I have never really been into the cute little "foodie phrases" like nom-nom, brekkie, delish, etc. It makes me feel like either an immature teenager or the crazy cat lady that talks to her 16 felines like hairy toddlers.

However, that tiramisu thing for brekkie lookies nom nom and completely delish. I have to go wash my mouth out with soap now...

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

Tracey- I didn't know that The Cookie Monster is the originator- I thought that Jenn was surmising. Now I feel hip too!

Jessica- yes...instant coffee rocks the house in smoothies.

Janetha- YES, I'll get on a carrot cake smoothie for you! For sures.

Mama pea- protein cake soaked (in booze perhaps??hee hee) in tiramisu sounds WONDERFUL!!!!

Charlotte- My container of super dark chocolate isn't huge though- it's 8 oz. Still not easy to track down. Need several markets to find it :-(

Allie- protein goddess...I'm sure you have about 42 tiramisu smoothie recipes so I couldn't check your site for fear of plagiarism. Or theft.

LegalStyle- just get used to the following fact: some of the most important life-lessons come from childrens' programming. Haven't you ever seen Spongebob?

Abby- LOL. And PS. what's wrong with hairy toddlers? They are some of my favorite people!

Also...welcome to the new's so nice to have you here! :-)

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

So funny - I thought Nom Nom was a universal term. Ha, must mean I've been reading too many food blogs. :)

Tiramisu ice-cream looks delish Deb. Rum extract, huh? I gotta remember that one.

Love you, and I'm glad you had a good time with your cousin. :)

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

OMG this:1 tsp RUM extract (****SECRET INGREDIENT!!)

Now that's awesome.

Tomorrows post that is half prewritten I was going to post my vegan choco coffee protein shake. It's nothing as exotic as yours! but damn yours sure looks amazing and yes, never waste! that last bit of coffee. IT goes straight into a glass jar for safe keeping for ice coffee for the next day!

And the trainer tip, to get checked for form, last thing i need is any injuries. Amen and great reminder. I know this, but the reminder helps!

And I have a free training sesh with the trainer on Thurs. He's not charging me for a semi private. Yeah hopefully I still have some charm left, being the soccer mom now and all :)

It was great meeting Jenn and glad u thought about us today..I thought about you!

HAve loved the boost in frequency in our convos the past couple days.....been really nice for me to talk to my old friend Deb again :) We've both come along way in the past year in this whole crazy world, huh!


brittac said...

Oh my goodness I just recently had to educate my BFF on what nom nom nom is after she read my blog...sad day right?
It is good to know that there are other proactive people out there also fighting to educate the world on the meaning of nom nom.

Kelly said...

I finally tried the gums in my smoothie this morning and THANK YOU!!! It was the best!! I found you and HEAB through Janetha and I am so glad, you've rocked my protein shake world!

april said...

OH man that breakfast looks good!! What's on top??

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

April- it's just cocoa powder (dark) that got a bit clumpy! :-) nom!

Kelly- yay you! So glad you're liking the smoothies better now.

Brittac- yes, sad day indeed.

Heabs and Averie- rum (extract) makes almost every shake taste like a drink reserved for a vacay! :-)

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