The Good, The Bad and The Funny: State of the blog and Giveaway announcement

This post is a tad ‘rich’ with words, and as you know in these circumstances, I like to pepper you with a few photos to keep you duly entertained. They are some of my Good, Bad and Funny photos.

Good (as in Mmmm Good)

First I want to discuss the title of the post: The Good, The Bad and the Funny. It relates to the state of the bloggie, and the giveaway. Let me ‘splain.

In August of 2009 with the encouragement of my friend Heather at Heather Eats Almond Butter, I jumped into the blog world with both feet, screaming “COWUBUNGA!” No wait, that was the swimming pool. Well, and the blog too. This was good. So let’s visit the GOOD SIDE of the healthy-living blog world, from my perspective:

  • I learn from Bloggers
  • I love the camaraderie, friendship and support
  • I laugh, I cry & I think deeply when I read blogs, and when I write my own.
  • Blogging keeps me off the streets


Here is the BAD SIDE of all-things-blog…one word:

  • Time-suck

And I mean that in the most loving sort of way.

What I am trying to say is that I will be taking a gentle step back from the blog world. Here is why:

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE blogging and want to keep it fun and enriching for everyone. It takes me quite a long time to write up my posts (shocking, I know) and I do care about the content. I’d rather post less often with some semblance of quality than frequently post a bunch of shite (said in best Northern UK-accent…rhymes with ‘kite’.)
  • I find myself spending more and more time on blogs and blogging: I call it the Blortex. I know that many, many of you can relate.
  • I want to spend more time exploring new hobbies and revisiting old ones: does anyone out there remember reading books? They are those things made of paper, and a thick cardboard cover with writing on it.
  • I am exploring leaving my abusive husband for the hot young thing next door that everyone’s raving about. Oh, not Derek- I’m speaking metaphorically here: I’m still considering leaving Blogger for Wordpress, but this will take some research, brain cells and time. Right now I’m dating Windows Live Writer. It’s like the bad husband with a box of candy and a dozen roses.
  • I have a series of trips coming up, so my blogging opportunities will be sketchy, just like the people I’m going to be visiting.


…Check out my face “before” I get my coffee, and “after”

What does this mean?

  • I WILL be posting, just not as frequently. Posts will continue to cover a variety of topics, as before: recipes, training, deep thoughts food & body image, travel, cat hair, lashcicles. You know, the usual blogging stuff.
  • I WILL be reading other wonderful blogs, and leaving comments, just not as frequently.
  • I WILL be Tweeting, aka, ‘sharing my view of the planet in 140 characters or less’. An example of such a Tweet might read: “2am. Saturday night. Got up to pee. Stepped in cat barf. Bet you are clubbing”. You can follow me on Twitter by clicking on the icon in the right margin of this blog. But only do so if you want to know all about cat barf and other less fascinating musings. And don’t worry, I don’t Tweet so much that you need to scroll through six screens just to catch up on tweets from the morning. That is just not fun.


Oversized leather bomber notwithstanding, this photo was taken on one of the first trips I took with the hubs.

Early on, I always told the hubs that if even one person benefitted from my presence in the blogosphere, then it is all worth it. Whether someone gets a recipe idea, a workout or weight loss tip, or even a giggle… this is why I started blogging.

Until August, I had never written anything in my life, so it was a happy surprise to discover that I actually enjoy doing it. In order to be able to continue to give you my 100%, this is the direction that the blog needs to roll. (ha ha I made a funny – Blog Roll gettit?)


Both the face and the evidence of the wipeout

Also, I have met the most amazing people in the healthy living blogosphere- both via emails, comments (too numerous to mention) and in person: YOU KNOW WHO YOU GALS ARE that I’ve actually met! I cannot express how enriching it feels to be a part of this amazing group of women and man (Hi Andy Goose!). I learn from them daily and they help me to grow continuously as a person. I wish to continue to meet inspiring & fabulous people. It makes me happy. You make me happy..


I find my grass-cutting determination rather hilarious

Now I am asking you, the readers to come up with your own good, bad and funny photos for me. The deadline will be Feb 28, 2010. Be sure to leave me your email cryptically, like johndoe at gmail dot com in a comment some time between now and the end of the month. Plan to submit the following photos:

  • Good: so that we see what you look like under ‘normal’ circumstances.
  • Bad: open to much interpretation…double chins, curlers in hair, bad hair, evidence of bad dancing, scowling, wardrobe malfunctions etc.
  • Funny: You be the judge.

I just had to share some more bad and funnys with you (some are hybrids- badly funny or funnily bad)


I don’t know what’s worse: the dress, the hair or the face… (Little brother gets honorable mention)



Your reward for your photo entries: An opportunity to share your awful/great photos with the whole blogosphere as I will post them here and link back to your blog if you have one (or want me to!). Oh and an entry into a giveaway to receive a multi-pack of my home-made nut butters. International readers welcome.


Pet photos also welcome- especially if the fur on their arms does not match that found on the rest of their body

So remember, ‘it’s not you, it’s me’. It’s not ‘good-bye’…it’s ‘see ya on campus’. And know that I definitely still want to be friends :-)

Q: How do you balance your blogging endeavors? Will you participate in the Good, Bad & Funny Giveaway? I know one Almond-loving friend who said she will be digging out some pics. :-) Can’t wait to see those! Heh heh.


Michelle@Eatingjourney said...

I have been thinking about this a lot, esp. since I am going back to school. blogging is something that I do instead of eat :) It's like one addiction w/ the other.

I think that finding balance with blogging and not feeling guilt about not being around so much, is going to be important for me.

tam said...

I so get what you mean, I've just made myself set aside an hour before bed to do some reading my head was screaming at me to read!

I think you gotta do what you gotta do I'm just glad your still going to be posting now and again your smoothie ideas opened a whole new world for me! x x

Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

LOL@ Blortex!!!!!

Well, I can certainly relate to that!

I just found you and now you're leaving???!!! I love your posts; they always crack me up. Your sense of humor is refreshing (what is up with all the seriousness people!) and I'll be here to read whenever you feel like posting...or peeing...or stepping in cat barf :D

Enjoy LIFE!!

Allie (Protein Girl) said...

Michelle is more disciplined than I. I eat WHILE blogging, thus combining the two pursuits. I am assuming that Smoothie Girl's blogging vacay means that I can steal her recipes and recycle them on my site as purely original content?

What Smoothie Girl confided in me was that she really needs to take a step back from the Blortex to focus on her pole dancing instructor training.

High five for balancing life!

Abby said...

I hear you and make sure that I limit my blog reading to minimal amounts, reading only those that I truly have a vested interest in (those that are helpful, not just entertaining, and those of people I now consider "friends.")

As for the pictures, if I knew how to scan in stuff, I would. Considering I'm stuck in the dark ages, I will just revel in the images of everyone else ;)

legalstyle said...

I really really enjoy your leather bomber. Please keep it with standing. I also really enjoy your writing and I'm surprised to learn that you hadn't done much of it before starting the blog! I'll hunt down some pictures for you if I can... sounds like a fun project!

Therese said... true! I started out reading a few blogs here and there. Now I have more in my reader than I would like to admit. It is definitely time consuming!

Do what you gotta do babe! We will all still be here :)

I have an arsenal of awkward redhead adolescent pictures. I will get to work picking the best of the worst!

Carbzilla said...

Well I bought the gums over the weekend (because I'm trying to use less fruit in my smoothies) so that's one more person who you've influenced. I totally hear you on the time suck - it takes great effort to drag myself away. Do what you gotta do!

Seth @ Boy Meets Food said...

I know this is not really the time, considering that you are saying you want to back off from blogging some, but I thought I would let you know anyway... You mentioned that you were considering upgrading from blogger to Wordpress. If you need help with that, just let me know...
I'm a web designer.

And with your decision to step back a little... totally understandable. The reason I subscribed to your blog is because of the quality of your posts. I can tell they aren't mindless crap that you just throw out there. Unfortunately, that stuff takes time, and can eat up your personal life. Blogging can be fun, but you have to find the right balance to really enjoy it.

Good luck.

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

That picture of you in the snow Deb is beautiful, and you know I fully support you in this post!!! I think it would do some good for many of us to unplug for a while. Why is it so stinkin hard to do?!?

Can't wait to dig up some pictures for your giveaway. Hehe.

Heidi (Fighting with Food) said...

Go to wordpress pronto! I love it so much more than blogger!
I definitely understand your feelings - it is so easy to start reading/writing blogs, look up at the clock and realize that 3 hours has suddenly passed you by. It's a mondo time-suck!
I'm with Allie - eat + blog = balance! I'm pretty stoked about digging up some great pics too!

Stephanie said...

Just found your blog and I think it's great. I support you finding balance with it. It can certainly become addictive (aka a "time suck"). I have created a lot of structure in my blogging (Mon, Tues, and Fri mornings) which helps.
BODA weight loss

brittac said...

hahahaha...I love that blogging keeps you "off the streets".

I cannot wait to think of my good bad and funny!

Great post - and even though my blog is a baby little blog that 6 people read (including my parents) I find that it is a huge time suck too!

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

Michelle- yes I get that exchange system- kinda like Weight Watcher points :-)

Tam- glad you are enjoying the smoothies-I enjoy your presence here.

Maria- I'm not going away, but I'll definitely know when I next step in cat barf! :-)

Allie- not taking vacay- just need to spend more time shopping for 6" lucite platform dancing shoes- it's time-consuming!

Abby- you are NOT getting out of this- I KNOW you have a great photo- you've posted it on your blog. And you work at a fricken magazine publisher- don't tell me they don't have a scanner!!!! Garg! I'm gonna come and beat you up!

LegalStyle- Sniff- bomber got tossed a few yrs ago. :-( Thanks for the kind words and I totally look forward to your pics.

TDH- thanks and love your input always

Carbz- thank you and hope you enjoy the gums

Seth- thank you for the nice compliment and the offer to explore 'the upgrade'- I might take you up on it!

Heab, Heidi and Brittac- bring on the photos- remember the badder the better.

Stephanie- thanks for the compliment and great 'structure' tip- shockingly I did that too- I tried to limit myself to every other day at the most, but it still took a huge amount of time. Now I will just need to structure my time but more spread out. ;-)

Thinspired said...

Picture of you in the snow = Ridiculously beautiful.

You know I totally feel you on the blog vortex. Just remember, this is supposed to be a HOBBY. It is supposed to be fun, and rewarding and...FUN! I fully support a break/scaling back. I think you work harder than most bloggers do "behind the scenes,"--making sweet gifts for people, detailed editing, recipe testing, etc.

I hope you don't ever feel pressured to comment on my blog, return my emails, etc. I am so grateful for our friendship and that we found each other through blogging, and I never want it to be a source of stress for you!

Oh, and pictures?! You know I'm always good for indulging my vanity and sending in some photos :)

homecookedem said...

I'll be sorry not to have as many posts from you, but so happy that you're not completely going away. I totally support your decision to step back a little. Life tends to pass us by when we're on the ol computer all day! I may be emailing you soon for some smoothies for dummies advice. I've finally jumped on the bandwagon and I'm not totally sure what I'm doing always. Hope you're having a good Monday!! :)

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

"I find myself spending more and more time on blogs and blogging: I call it the Blortex."--

Oh dear god as we've discussed a million times, yes. I want to pull back too, just not sure how to do it. I feel it would have to be an all or nothing thing for me, I don't do "a little" well when it comes to things like this; i am a perfectionist and a workaholic, a deadly combo when trying to "scale back". Sigh.

Well as always, never feel an ounce of pressure to comment on my little blog posts and although i will miss your presence..I completely respect and admire what you're doing!

I love our friendship, Deb, and I reallyyyyy have loved every last XG and GG second together :) I hope you can reconnect with that stack of books and magazines waiting for you. Lots of love and mazel tov on this new phase of unplugging!!!

PS going to wordpress...personally, if one is trying to pare down, why learn a whole new system? In the long run, yes, would be easier but in the short run...enjoy your books, ya know :) .02 from the peanut gallery xoxo

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

Thinny- two things:
1. I adore each and every communication that we have- in person and electronically. You could not stress me out if you tried.
2. I will only post your stunningly gorgeous vanity shots if and only if they are accompanied by a Bad and a Funny- those are the rules.

Em- you are so sweet. Such a faithful reader/commenter- I appreciate it muchly. Email me any time for tips about smoothies and remember- you will have a lot that go down the sink when you first start experimenting. I STILL have those days :-)

Averie- so sweet. yes we've had the convo about unplugging... Yes you are a perfectionist and it shows in your very rich, detail-oriented posts. I hope to be doing the same thing I'm doing, just less frequently. Not less quality just less quantity....that is the gooooaaaalllllllll! And wordpress- who knows- it can't hurt to learn something new. Blogger was a challenge. I didnt' even know what HTML was before I started blogging. We shall see... :-) It's all good. Adventures ahead in one form or another.

runnerd said...

This is hilarious-my personal favorite is your coffee series! And your biking picture is at a level of intenseness that I can't even begin to comprehend.

I'm kind of on the opposite end as you-I'm a very new blogger, but I am trying ahead of time to strike that balance. Thanks for providing a forum full of insight regarding this...

Susan said...

You look amazingly gorgeous in all those photos - even the ones you would consider "bad!" I'm of course participating because your homemade nut butters make me swoon. And I suppose there can never be enough embarrassing photos of me on the internet...

I've cut back on my blog time A LOT since getting my new job. I had a lot of extra time with my old jobs to read blogs, but now I get maybe three spare hours a day, and I don't want to spend all of that blogging/commenting. Lately I've been ignoring my google reader except for maybe twice a week where I sit down and have a blog/commenting fest. This works much better than trying to keep on top of it everyday, and it gives me something to look forward to doing on Sunday mornings :)

I LOVE your posts, but you can tell when a blogger is getting tired. I find the quality of the posts are often better when they're say, a couple times a week (this coming from a daily blogger, ugh). Anyways, a happy Deb is a happy Susan - do whatever you want love!

Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle said...

I just clicked over here from Thinspired and uhh.. getting sucked in the "Blortex!" There are endless amounts of awesome blogs out there I want to read and not enough time, I sort of wish my google reader was inaccessible from work :-/. Anyway, I enjoyed this post and the other ones I just went and read. I'll keep checking it out even if it's less posting- hey all about quality not quantity!

TiredGirl said...

Girl... you have the BEST photographer.



Bekah said...

I love all of this! And my problem is I like to read so many blogs, and most of the blogs I read have reaallly really good content that I feel like I need to write an entire email reply to, (such as this) and comment on every little thing that I enjoyed from it. So when they post really really good content EVERYDAY that it gets to be out of hand and overwhelming. I seriously post like 1-3 times a week. Usually 2. Because like you I like to post good quality stuff. :) And my dear Deb- you seriously are one of the best, wittiest writers I know!

Love the coffee before/after shots. You got it down- coffee always makes me happy/giddy right when I get it! Will be getting back to you with the pics. IF I can grab them off the internet! (Gahyousuckdellcomputerforkillingmyhardrive)

Great post. :) XOXO And thanks for the shoutout- you are the best. This is why I love blogging too!

Mallory said...

hm... make an idiot of myself on the internet vs. get lots and lots of nut butter... hm... yep, definitely worth it.

mallory_1226 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Liz said...

Okay, I admit that I'm a little dense, and the rules escape I supposed to email you the photos, or you email me...? At any rate, I am here:

e.labau -AT- sbcglobal -DOT- net

And I completely understand about not wanting to devote your life to the blogosphere, it's crazy how many hours can be spent in front of the screen when real life slips away.

Marianne said...

Okay! I want to play for some nut butters even if it means photos of me that are less than flattering! My email is

Glad you are surviving the Tsunami evacuation in Hawaii even if it is in a mickie d's...I would have eaten everything in my fridge if I had to be evacuated given the cost of food in Hawaii!!

tam said...

I've found some photos! I hope I'm not to late?!

my email -

I so want a chance to get my hands on your nut butters, they look so darn good and I just ran out! x x

Anonymous said...

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Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

Gee Anon, thanks! I'm so flattered and honored and I'll be sure to pass on the kudos to all the guys behind SmoothieGirlEatsToo!

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