Smoothie Saturday/Sunday The Hot Chocolate Smoothie

Here's another multi-tasker. If you are cold and want something filling and can't bear the thought of a frosty smoothie, then you should try a warm smoothie. Sounds really odd I know. But Heabs has done it with avocados and I did it with straight-ahead protein powder. Simple as pie. Chocolate pie in this case.

Why is it a multi-tasker you ask? Because if you cannot finish it (I could not), and you put it in the fridge...voila...chocolate pudding for the next day! It's all good!

  • Hot water- about a cup or 1.5 cups
  • 1 Scoop Chocolate Protein Powder
  • 1 Tablespoon Hershey's Dark Cocoa powder
  • Sprinkle Xanthan & Guar gums
  • Sprinkle of stevia or other sweetener
This photo is tiny...I don't know why. Ask the Blogger Czar- maybe he knows.

I noticed my reflection in the Protein Container. Like my pink jammies?

So naturally, I had to give the "Peace" sign

  • Put ingredients in blender and CAREFULLY blend on low/medium with a slight air-gap for the pressure/steam to escape. DO NOT let the pressure build up and then attempt to take off the top because you will be covered in hot melty chocolate. Sounds fun in a bowm-chickie-bowm bowm way? It sooo isn't. 3rd degree burns are not good, ever.

The heat MUST escape from the smoothie as you blend on low/medium...see the smoke escaping?

Double, double toil and trouble
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

(how do I know? I googled it)

  • Pour into a bowl or tumbler and enjoy with a long spoon.
  • Top with something yummy- cacao nibs, mini marshmallows, granola
  • Put in fridge for pudding later (it will firm up)

Beek's World Famous Coconut Chia Granola. It's so good, sometimes I actually eat it one grain at a time- standing at the freezer. Each bite is scrumptious. Am I weird?

I find that I get almost too full from this concoction. I haven't yet been able to finish one, and trust me, I have a good appetite.

Q: Do you read the Classics? Magazines? Novels? Non-fiction? Newspaper? Or, "read? who has time to read when you have Reader?"


Susan said...

Ohmygaahh, a warm bowl of chocolate smoothie goodness sounds so good right now. The idea of hot smoothies has always kinda scared me, but not this one!!

(ps I'm impressed you still have some granola left. I inhaled mine long ago :P )

Hila said...

how do you like that protein powder brand ? is the casein that thick by itself or did the gums addition create that beautiful pudding like texture ?

Allie (Protein Girl) said...

Yum. Yum. Yum. Or should I say, "bowm-chickie-bowm bowm?"

This should be "The Chocolate Macbeth!"

One key point - if I stick myself somewhere cold, will I also firm up like a pudding? Inquiring glutes want to know.

Jessica @ How Sweet said...

Ohmigosh this looks absolutely AMAZING. Have you tried it with Dessert powder? That is all I have but I want to make this!!!!

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

You know I love it Deb, but honestly, I think I could finish off the whole thing. I must try this mysterious filling Hot Chocolate Smoothie soon!

No, you are not weird for eating Beek's granola 1 precious grain at a time. Well, maybe, but if you are weird than I am too. I do the same thing! So good and flavorful.

I used to read books. :(

homecookedem said...

Holy woooooooaaaahhhhh, that looks amazing!! That sounds so decadent and delicious!! :) Gorgeous photos!

Graze With Me said...

That smoothie is right up my alley. Reminds me of when my mom would make stovetop chocolate Jello pudding and I could never wait for it to cool so I would dig into my bowl while it was still hot. SO good.

Crap now I want Jello....

tam said...

Looks like it was a chocolate day all round!
I read every fitness/health mag I can get my hands addicted yes bothered no! he he he x

chrystad72 said...

Hey Deb!! I saw this post title and I knew I was in for a treat. I love hot chocolate and made into smoothie form?! Awesomeness!! I so love all your creative ideas. Granola is such a weakness of mine. I cant even keep it in the house cause when I do, I just tear it up! I hope you had an awesome weekend!!

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

1.5 cups
1 Scoop Chocolate Protein Powder
1 Tablespoon Hershey's Dark Cocoa powder--

Ok, how is it possible to get so full from that that you can't finish it?! I am impressed!!!!! There's nothing to that in terms of complicated, fattening, rich, exotic, etc ingredients. I love that this one has nothing crazy, I have ALL of these things on hand. My choc protein is brown rice vegan, other than that, I am going to try this one, Deb! And I will remember to let the steam escape...thank you for the reminder or yeah, what a kitch disaster that would be!!!!

marla (Family Fresh Cooking) said...

I just found your blog via HEAB. Love your take on food! This choco pudding looks awesome. Your photos are great. Gotta try :) said...

I'm usually a protein shake fiend, but this time of year all I want are warm beverages (I'm a bit of a tea addict).. This is the perfect solution, can't wait to try!

Veggiesmack said...

Yum! Looks like the perfect breakfast!

brittac said...

I am a chocoholic and the concept of a hot chocolate smoothie has never entered my brain! What a great idea. I will be giving it a try!

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

Welcome to the newly de-lurked peeps! Nice to have you guys here!

Hila- I like the micell powder but it definitely needs the gums too! It's not my fave but I'm trying to use it up. It also comes in peanut butter chocolate and I liked that a lot!

Susan- I JUST finished the last morsel of Beek's gran. A tear was definitely shed to honor the occasion.

Jessica-I only have vanilla dessert powder so o haven't tried it yet, but I will!

Averie- finally something you can try! Hurrah! Let me know if you find it as filling as I too heabs!

simpledaisy said...

That looks awesome!!!

Heather @ Get Healthy With Heather said...

This warm bowl of chocolate-y goodness looks taste-y!

I love reading magazines, especially on long drives, and still try read a book before crashing at night.

Charlotte said...

Ok, I have GOT to stop reading your blog right before dinnertime! Now I no longer want the bland salmon I am cooking - I want your chocolate smoothie! Sigh. Looks delish.

Janetha said...

are you trying to seduce me with that pouring play by play? because i am enticed. that looks so damn good! and now that i have the gums i can totally whip this up! i am thinking i will swap it out for a green monster in my meal plan this week. i just need to make some of beeks granola first! thanks deb!

Thinspired said...

A hot chocolate smoothie...mmm...kinda like a smoothie soup!! Plus, a smoothie that you couldn't finish? I must try this.

I read mostly fiction. I used to read A LOT more than I do post-blog. Currently reading the Twilight series. We're talking seriously intellectual stuff here.

Michal said...

What a yummy way to start off your day!

Janetha said...

everyone. try. this. now.

runwritetherapylife said...

I absolutley love hot chocolate (it's my favorite dessert). I soooo want to try this!

Bekah said...

Ayyaaayyiiaaayy yay I'm so happy the last of my granola made it on top of such an epic smoothie! I cannot believe you cannot finish this! I can't imagine. I finish every single protein ice cream, every single time. I'm intrigued... too bad it won't be till july till I get to try it. :(

I'll be drinking plenty of my fair share of hot water+cocoa+stevia though!! Sooo good.

The Deranged Housewife said...

This is really good. It tastes like something I wasn't allowed to eat for breakfast as a child, like the milk from Cocoa Puffs or the skin off of chocolate pudding (and I mean that in the very best way). Thank you so much for giving this frozen gal something warm to look forward to in the morning. TDH

PS--It goes really well with fresh strawberries. Just so you know.

Susan said...

Just found your website and saw this hot chocolate smoothie. Immediately had to to make it. Immediately didn't follow directions properly and the hot mixture exploded all over the place. No matter. Quick re-group and wipe down, and finished things off. The result was superb!! Thanks for such a great idea!

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