Saving Sunflower Seed Butter & Heabversary Winner's Photo

First of all, an official congrats to Francesca who won the first Heabversary Nut Butter Giveaway in honor of Heather's first Blogversary! See above photo- how cute is she, posed in front of the Christmas tree with her goods?! Love that. Francesca, I think that this needs to be your 2010 Christmas card! :-)

What she received:

1. Organic Brazil Nut Butter with chunks of Brazil Nuts.
2. Raw organic almond butter. Straight up plain. :)
3. Roasted hazelnuts with hazelnut chunks, dark cocoa powder,cinnamon, cardamom, and stevia. Nutella & Spice. (I nicknamed this the OMG OMG OMG because those are the words that spontaneously come out of your mouth when you taste it)
4. Roasted organic sunflower seed butter.
5. Party hat with an almond-adorned spoon.

I really want to thank all of HEAB's adoring fans/readers for entering the contest. It was soooo much fun for me to do it...even if it literally melted my VitaMix Tamper- really it did- take a look!

But it was worth it, and I'm sure Vitamix Corp. will send me a whole new machine for the inconvenience- HA! A girl can dream, can't she?

Anyway, onto the subject for today's post...

This is a post about recycling. About righting wrongs. About saving the planet. Well, not really. It's a post about my attempt to salvage my disastrous raw sunflower seed butter that ended up resembling cat food:

No, truly resembled cat food...Fancy Feast to be exact:

I broke the pieces down a bit more with a fork

I had tasted many a jar of roasted sunflower butter, but I wanted to know what raw sun butter would taste like. When the engine of the zillion-dollar VitaMix started to scream as if it was in childbirth, I decided to abandon ship. Incidentally, I was not going to take the chance to ruin my food processor either, so I realized that there would be no raw sun butter on the menu today. No biggie- I just turned on the oven to coax the oils out of the partially obliterated seeds. They came out of the 350 degree oven after about 30 minutes or so.

Into the food processor went the now-roasted seeds:

Voila. Heaven:

A few more seconds in the processor and it's almost liquid:

No more home-made raw sunbutters for me. And while we're on the subject I will not be making raw almond or peanut butters either. Period. Now, I have not dabbled in other raw nut butters, nor have I tried soaking in water. Any comments about this are welcome!

The only raw nuts that I've tried and succeeded to "butter" (is that a verb?): brazil, pecans. Note: You do not need an expensive Vitamix to make nut butters. A decent food-processor will do. Just make sure that nuts and seeds are either roasted to start with, or if they are raw, they are soft enough for "buttering" (active verb?).

In a word: NOM

Q: What's your fave fave fave nut butter?


Abby said...

That picture of Francesca is so dang cute I thought it was fake. She looks like a model posing with your ever-so-photogenic nut butters. Too dang cute (if I had won, the picture would just be me with my face stuck in the jar).

allijag said...

It's like a nut butter making lesson - AND an english lesson in one! :)

Therese said...

Sheer nut butter porn. You should put an advisory at the top of your posts!

I have a tiny food processor (its an attachment for my Cuisinart blender) that works great, but I have always been afraid to make nut butter with it. So you really don't think it would burn out??


Erin said...

Francesca and the nut butters - definitely a Christmas card! I have a lil 2cup rinky dink food processor and was surprised at how well it worked to make nut butter. My absolute favorite is sunflower! I just purchased 5 lbs to make into butter this week! Can't wait!!! I've never had any luck with raw sunflower butter without adding a drizzle of oil here and here. The taste wasn't what I was looking for, so I stick with roasted!!!

chrystad72 said...

Francesca looks adorable! Great pic. I am such a fan of all your nut butters! Ive never had sunflower butter..yet...but it looks awesome. Definently on my `to-try-asap` list. When you make your butters do you generally add anything to them in order to make them a more liquid-y consistency? or do you just blend away? It just looks AWESOME. I bet roasted the nuts too gives it such a wonderful flavor! I gotta say too your OMG OMG OMG butter sounds FAB-U-LOUS! love it. I think my favorite nut butter at the moment is some good ol' almond butter. I didnt like it at first but now I eat it everyday. Have a wonderdul day sweetie!!

Erika said...

I def need to try sunflower seed butter, but I think I will just buy a jar. After tasting your incredible butters, my pale in comparison!

Graze With Me said...

Way to stick with that recipe!! I would have given up at "Fancy Feast".

I'm all about MaraNatha's no stir almond butter lately. It reminds me of my all-time favorite: Barney Butter (which I can't find in stores here). Cashew butter is pretty great too.

Thinspired said...

Oh my, the pic of the sunflower chunks next to the Fancy Feast is awesome. That made me smile this morning ;)

So, just to get this the Vitamix working right now?! Because you are need the constant, unwavering power to make smoothies on demand.

Thinspired said...

P.S. Fave nut butter....I really can't choose. I am still in love with your pecan butter. Did I tell you that I have been "saving" the little jar you gave me back in October so much that I had Matthew pack it in his suitcase on his most recent trip back?! ;) I could throw away everything else in the kitchen but that!

AK-47 said...

Walnut with cashew butter mixed in. Artisana brand. Amazing, never went back, if only it wasn't so darn expensive!

Jessie (Vegan-minded) said...

Wow, that sunflower seed butter looks fantastic! I have tried to make my own butters before, but had similar "cat food" like results. I have to try the roasting trick from now on, thanks for the tip. :)

Janetha said...

woah! talk about a nut butter (or i guess SEED butter) makeover! you are a genius. and that last photo made me cry a little inside. i can't wait to tackle those nut butters of yours i am saving in the cupboard. your winner is such a doll! i love that photo!

Janetha said...

oh and i love you :)

tam said...

Almond butter is my all time fav, especially with some cocoa mixed in, yum! x

Carbzilla said...

Seriously, bloggers are the most beautiful people I know!

I'm so amazed that roasting made such a difference. I would have never thought! Great save!

homecookedem said...

Congrats to Francesca! She's so pretty with her nut butters!! :)

Way to go saving the sunflower see butter!! Very interesting info on making nut butters. I will have to try soon b/c your's always look so amazing!! :)

Susan said...

Deb!! That last picture should be ILLEGAL!! Too. Delicious.

Fave nut butter will always be natural roasted peanut butter. With honey. On whole wheat bread. Yum.

Star in the Universe said...

It would be best to soak your nuts or seed before making any raw nut butters.
I made a raw pecan butter recipe once (1 1/2 c nuts, 2 T raw honey and 1/4c WATER!)
No turned out very creamy too!
Maybe try adding a little water to your raw sunflower seed butter, if you decide to try it again. Also, soaking will increase the moisture and should make for a creamier butter, w/o having to add much water at all. Good luck!

Francesca said...

Deb! Thank you so much again, everything was amazing to say the least! It was so generous of you!! :) :)

brittac said...

Great pic of nut the way what kind of question is whats your favorite nut butter?
Impossible to answer - thats like asking whats your favorite smoothie

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Ha ha - love the Fancy Feast shot. I am LOVING your sunflower seed Deb, but I think my favorite is still the Brazil nut butter. So chunky. :)

Fav. nut butter of all time. Oh gosh...too many to choose from. I love 'em all!

Hayley said...

Oh holy hell...major drool-fest going on over here. That looks soooo decadent!

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

Francesca, you're hot.

Deb. So are you.

As for your nut butt ?'s I have successfully made cashew butter (accidentally!) after soaking cashews for 4 hrs. And adding 2 tbsp of agave to 1 c cashews = sweet cashew butter after 3 mins in Vita.

All your other nut butters look amazing and I would have thought you made more than just brazil and the other one you mentioned...sorry cant remember and i would have to log out of this comment to go back and re read

And as for the karma/injustice comment. Friend, you are so right. So much injustice one wonders is there karma? I loved your comment yesterday :)

Katie said...

I would've used the cat-food-esque stuff as topping for greek yogurt and/or smoothies. But that would've prevented me from seeing the result of post-roasting. Which is kinda making me drool right now. OHHHHMYGOD.

closet365 said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I've visited yours a few times before because I love fitness blogs too!

Some of your recipes look to die for. I'll definitely be stopping by more often!

sophia said...

Wow. this should be your header, that amazing nut butter picture. Too sweet for words!!!

I only have tried AB and PB and Sunbutter, but my fave so far is AB!

*Naomi* said...

hahaah cat food-love that...I was like "wow that does look like cat food!" look what you turned that into though!? pure food porn and amazingness

I have the sunflower butter in the jar right now from TJ's and its QUITE good but a bit liquidy I would love to try making some on my own!!

francesca-xmas card all the way, too cute!!

scorpiowoman said...

the sunflower seed butter looks great. But I've never tried and I'm not sure I would like cause I don't like sunflower seeds. I made almond butter with roasted almonds and it was really good.

TiredGirl said...

I've never had anything other then almond butter.

I'm guessing I would love cashew butter though. Those little buggers are addicting!

Heather @ Get Healthy With Heather said...

PB and AB are my go to favs, but raw brazil nut butter has been a delish treat lately too. I had trouble making raw almond butter and it turned out like your raw sunflour seed butter... I guess I just needed to roast em.

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

Therese-That's the food processor I have! It's the blender/processor right? It didn't burn it out at all. Just need to find the right nuts to use! And have patience and earplugs!

Crystad- I don't add anything- sooommmmetimes I'll add a little vanilla extract, but usually it's just plain. Again- it's all in the nut. Tonight I made pecan butter and wasn't thrilled- they were raw- I should have taken Star's advice but didn't see it til after I made the butter-gah!! As a rule, roasted just works better.

Brittac- ha! You are right! Funny!

Scorpio- you might like the butter even if you don't like the seed. Sometimes flavors change when the seeds/nuts get all smooshed. I HATE raw almonds but love TJs raw almond butter. Go figure??! :-)

Thanks to the de-lurkers for commenting! :-)

Bekah said...

hahaha it DOES really look like cat food! ahh. I've been really loving your nut butters Deb, I think I've consumed more of it straight outta the jar than actually on something.. but thats the way I like it!

Thanks again.

And my fave nut butter- prob PB, and tahini (can that be a nut butter?!) I first tried almond butter raw and totally hated it, but since having your roasted stuff,and the maranatha roasted, I like it a lot. :)

Erin @ Big Girl Eats said...

My nut butters totally look like Fancy Feast. I think it's because I'm generally too lazy to roast the nuts, but apparently, that's what it takes! Thanks for the nut butter less, Deb!

Paula said...

LOL!! Raw sunflower paste=fancy feast. Love it! What a stress, all that work, but ended beautifully. Thank you for this post. I have been to scared to try nut butters in the processor and thought I needed a vita-mix. You rock! I think actually, sunbutter is my favorite buttah :)

Allie (Protein Girl) said...

I am now a fan of the Brazilian.

I just ate (licked, spooned) an amazing rhubarb/blackberry/Almond Roca/pineapple (from a Mexican version of Crystal Light) smoothie topped with Smoothie Girl's Roasted Brazil Nut Butter.

My hands still smell like nut butter and I keep smelling them, inhaling deeply. Glorious.

whatwillicooktoday said...

I did the same thing--I thought raw sunflower seeds would be fine for making butter. Boy was I wrong. But I saw what you did and so I "roasted" my pulverized seeds for about 25 minutes at 350 and they toasted up nicely! Thanks for posting your step-by-step instructions!

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