Saving Almond Butter and First HeabVersary Winner Announced!

Hello faithful Heab readers and nut butter luvahs!

I have chosen the Winner for the First HeabVersary Nut Butter Giveaway. If you want to see the painful process, please be my guest. Otherwise, scroll to the bottom to see the lucky winner.

Please excuse the dust, boxes and junk lying around in the videos- we are still in construction mode and everything is a bit disheveled, including my hair.

I had hoped to have the ever-youthful 14 year-old Samantha (our Fur-Baby) help me choose the winner for the contest by being perky and playful. You can witness Samantha the hatchings of the original brilliant (??) plan here. She did assist, but the process was about as much fun as watching paint dry. If you take pleasure in watching animals refuse to do tricks on command, please feel free to watch the video links to YouTube throughout this post.

There is also video toward the end of this post that shows me making some almond butter (or rather salvaging a rogue batch)...feel free to click on the link here and here to watch the short clips.

The Winner-Choosing Process: Read at Own Risk

First I wrote numbers on pieces of paper: 1-50, 51-100 etc. up to 250.

Then I hid each in a ball of aluminum foil. Usually, an aluminum ball is kitty crack, but today Sam just wasn't feeling the love. A quick sniff and she was done. Pet trick #1: Fail. Video evidence here.

Moving on to Plan B: to just crumple up the numbered pieces of paper and see if she would bat those around. No such luck either. Another fail. Gah! See here for yourself, if you can stand the pain.

Plan C was created out of desperation: to see which one of the crumpled pieces of paper she simply sniffed first. Lame I know. If you're bored, here is the actual footage of this momentous occasion. The winning range of the Sniff Test was 100-150. Woot.

Next was the Empty Box semi-finals. Thankfully, Samantha is a sucker for an empty box. Video here. We put pieces of paper with number ranges in the boxes. Sam jumped into the box with the range of 141-150. Good girl!

I suppose the fact that she's 14 years-old explains why I found her in this location a good 15 minutes after she chose the semi-finalists. I guess she was comfy.

Truth be told, I couldn't take any more Stupid Pet Trick Disasters so I went to Random.Org (thanks Abby for the tip!!) for the actual winner to be chosen from the last 10. Scroll to the bottom for the winner!

Resurrecting a Failed Nut butter:

I had made all of the nut butters last night, but was desperately unhappy with the "straight up raw almond butter" that Heather requested. It was a dry and crumbly mess. Blech. Here is some video (why is it sideways????!!) of me attempting to save the Almond Butter Gone Wrong. Forgive the look- it was just after I got back from the gym.

Here I succeed in the Almond Butter Salvation (hurrah!) and announce the winner of the First HeabVersary Nut Butter Giveaway!

And the winner is:

# 146. francesca Litz

Francesca: Please contact Heab to give her your contact info! I will send you 4 fabo nut butters, and a party hat covered in cat spit. Congrats!!

Finally, to witness Samantha wearing a party hat and wishing Auntie Heabie a Happy First HeabVersary, click here.

Thanks for all of the enthusiasm for this first-ever giveaway!

If for some reason you enjoyed this post and want to see more of the Queen Diva herself (that would be Samantha, fyi), you can read this post and this one. Enjoy...I think.

To see a previous home made chocolate almond Butter Recipe, click here.

Q: Have you ever won a giveaway? Any fun stuff? Do you have a pet who does tricks?


homecookedem said...

Haha, you are a nut! And I mean that in a very good way!! ;)

Congrats to Francesca!! So jealous!! :)

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Oh my gosh - loved seeing you live. You sound nothing like I thought you would. So funny. You are so beautiful, inside AND out.

Thanks again for you kind and thoughtful gift. You're amazing!

P.S. Surely raw almond butter could never suck. I'd eat it even if it was very very dry. ;)

Low said...

Haha, loved this :)

Susan said...

Bahahahaha. Oh Deb. That was hilarious. I am putting a full out request for more videos. Possibly with Samantha, if she so obliges ;)

P.S. I got a package notice today. Hoping it's yours!! I'm picking it up tomorrow :D

Pure2Raw Twins said...

Love how you came up with the winner ;) So funny and cute!!

Carbzilla said...

The Samantha participation (or lack thereof) in all this KILLED me. Thank goodness for you bloggers or I would have had the most depressing night ever. You brought the LOL's Deb. Gracias!

Allie (Protein Girl) said...

Is 'francesca' italian for Protein Girl? Pretty sure that screenshot said Protein Girl won the "OMG OMG OMG" flavor...

You look Debalicious in your video!

Erika said...

Deb, you are too funny. I can't watch the videos right now at work, but I plan to watch tonight as I inhale fumes and sawdust from my renovations. I feel your pain.

Why is it I am all stressed about it and my kids look at it as a chance to have fun? Like trying all the food from the fridge in the hallway just in case it tastes different from when the fridge was in our kitchen?! :)

Melanie said...

Ok - That was about one of the funniest things I've ever read. I actually laughed out loud at work :)

Janetha said...

hahahahah i thoroughly enjoyed each and every video!

and it was so fun to hear your voice again! it makes me wish we were hanging out!

congrats to your winner, and i love sam :)

Heather @ Get Healthy With Heather said...

Very entertaining! Wish I could have been the winner.. love nut butters!

chrystad72 said...

Yey! congrats to the winner! Funny post, hahah!

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) said...

All I'm sayin' is that Francesca better come out from hiding or you people are in for more stupid pet tricks!

*Naomi* said...

too cute! I cant believe each one was filled by alumnimum foil haha

congrats to the winner!!

Bekah said...

hahaha this made me laugh as well. And I have yet to watch the videos yet, but believe me, I am going to (in soon time) watch each one. :) and probably laugh even more.

Congrats to Francesca! (And I really wanted to win this one too. :()

Thinspired said...

You are so freaking funny. You're right, I did need a laugh like that!
Don't know what you're talking about the videos--you look great. You make casual wear look hot.
Love hearing Derek's Brit accent in the background!
You guys certainly came up with the most innovative way of choosing a winner that I have ever seen in blogworld! Hehe...that Samantha is lucky to have you both!

Thinspired said...

P.S. Um, I contest the selection. Samantha clearly originally chose a different number range, which means I could potentially be the REAL winner! ;)

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