Update no. 1 on Wii Fit...Child's Play? Not so much.

Weeks if not months ago, I emailed the hubby a link for the Jillian Michael's Wii fit game. So he started doing some research and ended up winning his bid for a used, standard game on Ebay. I love that term "winning" on Ebay. It just means that you shelled out a bunch of dough - is that really winning? Well, I guess that depends upon what you "win".

Keeping in mind that he didn't get the in-your-face/kick-ass Jillian Michael's version, but rather the generic little Japanese cartoon-person version, I was not about to be easily impressed. I saw him trying out what looked to be some wussy skiing and balance exercises--yawn. Then I noticed the beads of sweat. Hmmm.

The board that you stand upon can sense your center of gravity- so it can tell if you are balanced or not. Pretty nifty. It informs you if you are leaning to one side or another- and also back-to-front, so that you can correct your posture. You can also program your little "person" (aka the Mii) to look like you by choosing hair, eyes, nose, mouth, etc. It's a cute little gadget.

Despite the fact that I awoke a bit cranky and slothlike, I decided to have a try at the Step program. For someone who usually takes advanced step class, this was a real snore. However, I didn't get a very good score because my foot-strikes were not balanced and forceful enough, so OF COURSE I had to keep trying until I got higher marks! My heart rate started to pick up a bit.

Then I decided to try the jogging route. The remote control that can see how steadily you are bouncing if you stick it in your pocket. The course is three minutes and you have people and dogs jogging along side you or toward you. When cartoon bufoon fell down next to me I started laughing, which messed up my step! Serves me right for being evil! :-D After 3 rounds of the jogging course, I started to feel warm.

I moved onto the Hula Hoop routine. Yes, I said Hula Hoop. You don't need an actual Hula Hoop to perform this exercise- the balance board senses where your hips are by how your feet put pressure on the pads. Genius! Not only do you have to gyrate your hips, but two little cartoon figures stand in front of you and toss hula hoops at you to catch over your head. By the time I kept bettering my score, I had done 35 minutes of cardio (they call it "aerobics"- isn't that so old-school and cute?) and I was literally drenched in sweat. In fact the hubby came in and exclaimed "Oh my god, look at you- do you want a TOWEL or something!!!???" He was worried I'd drip on the new machine- waayyyyyy too late for that!

Then I did some pushups/side arm balances, lunges, squats, and then some yoga poses. Much harder than you think because the board senses how your weight is distributed- something that no yoga or boot camp instructor can do! When you correct your form, it gets much harder. I found myself shaking in Warrior- something I never do in class.

Trying to improve your own score is just one of the features that motivates you to keep going. The other is that other Mii's scores also appear- so there's an element of a little bit of friendly competition!

I think that in this day where so many kids sit around on their rapidly-enlarging asses, this game is a brilliant idea, and I hope that its popularity continues. Now perhaps Santa will bring me Jillian's version :-)


Challenging workouts: OK it's a been a couple of weeks since we got our Wii fit and the hubby and I are still enjoying it immensely. We are getting these good workouts completely to our surprise. Last night I decided to try some of the "balance" games- like the skiing, and I ended up dripping with sweat, which was rather annoying as I was wearing my PJs. But all in all it's so much fun! However, it can be frustrating because it is a video game after all, and so it tests your abilities and skills in many areas. I remember screaming at the Ninendo machine when I was a teenager, and now several years (or decades) on, I'm finding myself screaming profanities at the TV (and of course myself!).

Friendly Competition: We are finding that the element of competition makes us want to play the games more. When I see that he's knocked me out of first place for any given activity (which happens more often than not), I say to him. "Ooohhh, I see I have some work to do! I better give it another try! Heh heh heh" Then if I succeed, guess what he wants to do?! Yup, play some more! I also like the fact that it continues to open up new exercises or difficulty levels as you progress and get better. It's a good motivator to better yourself (and your hubby!) ;-)

Fits of Laughter: Also, we are cracking up at each other constantly because you really look absolutely ridiculous performing the exercises- like for example doing the Hula Hoop without an actual hula hoop!

On that note, I'm just DYING to post a photo that I took of the husband doing the hula hoop. He has forbidden me to post it on the blogosphere, so I will just describe it instead...I took the photo from the back so I could see him in the foreground and the TV monitor in the background (with the little Miis doing the hula hoop- as pictured at the top of this post). There he was in his underwear with his hip jutted out far to the right. Usually, we would be treated to the "whole outfit" which includes black socks (he IS British you know!), but as it was a hot night he happened to have taken them off. Also his arms were extended way out to the side to complete the Hula Hoop Stance. Oh, how I wish I could post the photo, but I will be a nice wife and respect his wishes...Well, I guess I'm not THAT nice because I had a very talented artist do a rendition especially for the blog- click here to see it. I've had so many giggles over it- hee hee! The next photo I took was great too...when he realized I was taking his photo, he turned around, bursting with laughter, and I snapped a shot of him cracking up. As I was laughing too, the whole photo is somewhat out of focus, but not so much that you couldn't see him laughing. Seriously good times, thanks to the Wii fit!! :-D


So I smugly informed the husband about my "update"post above- in particular the description of him Hoola-Hooping in his underwear. Well, after reading the post, he calmly whipped out his iphone where unbeknownst to me, he had been taking a videos of me in my Hello Kitty PJ set playing the Soccer game- bent over leaning to the left and right to hit soccer balls and avoid cleats and panda heads (??!). I look like a total neanderthal lurching from side to side, and while I won't be posting the video, just rest assured that I am awash in tears right now from laughing so hard. Who knew this would be so much fun!?


Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

I want to play! :)

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

I still have not gotten back on the Wii. In between all the hiking and yoga, I haven't been up to the challenge as I was so sore aftewards. Perhaps tomorrow. I want to improve my score and my age!

Not fair - I want to see the pics of the hubby hula hooping. I still can't get the hang of catching those things!

Deb said...

HEABERS!! I so desperately want to post the Hoola Hooping Hubby photo but it is not to be :-D

I know, I know the damn hoola hoop catching really pisses me off. Derek (the expert!!) says that you need to go up on your tippy toes to catch them. OK there's a picture- hubby in underwear and black socks, hip way out to right, on tippy toes and arms out to the left. YESSSS!! ha ha ha ha!!!

Bechita said...

I also want to see Luvie hula hooping.

Erika said...

Ooh, I want a Wii Fit! I have the game My Personal Fitness Coach which is great, but it is more like a personalized workout dvd than a game. Still fun though!

Deb said...

Bechita! Welcome to the blogette! Ask and you shall receive...there is an artist's rendition of Luvie's hula-hooping escapades in today's post! Check it out!

Erika- so far the wii fit has surpassed our expectations. Luvie's aka the hubby got it on eBay and he's now got his eye on the Jillian michaels wii fit arse-kicker!

Allie (Protein Girl) said...

Peed my pants a little at the artist's rendition of Hula Hooping Hubby!

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